Accommodative Process for Services

Accommodative Process for Services

Office of Accommodative Services

To access accommodative services, students with disabilities must submit the appropriate documentation and request the service by meeting with the director to discuss and evaluate the needs and requested services.

Interpreter Request Form

Accommodative Services Process

  • Submit the appropriate documentation to the University Accommodative Services Office staff prior to scheduling a meeting with the director.
  • Prior to beginning of the semester in which the student is requesting services, schedule a meeting with the director.
  • During this meeting, the director will review the documentation, examine the student’s course of study, and discuss with the student his or her needs.
  • After an evaluation of this information, the director will complete a disclosure form which will describe the access to services for the semester and this form will be signed by the student and the director.
  • The student will present this disclosure form to the professors who teach the courses in which the student is requesting the accommodative services.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their professors to discuss his or her disclosure form and the requested accommodations. This meeting should occur in a timely manner during the semester.
  • Students are expected to schedule a meeting at the beginning of each semester to discuss access to accommodative services and to complete a new disclosure form for the specific semester.
  • All students are encouraged to meet with the director on an ongoing basis to discuss access services and the individual’s needs throughout a semester.
  • If changes to the students schedule are made which directly affect the provided services, students must contact the director in order to make the appropriate revisions.

Lead Time

The student is responsible for requesting accommodations in a timely manner. Because planning is a critical step in the provision of an accommodation, students are encouraged to contact the accommodative services office before their orientation visit to discuss anticipated needs.

Additional Information

Individuals who seek additional information about accommodations and services at BU are invited to contact Denise Recla or Linda Tomashefski to arrange a campus interview.