Academic Enrichment Program

Department of Academic Enrichment

The Department of Academic Enrichment strives to facilitate students’ progress in overcoming obstacles and achieving their educational goals while strengthening institutional retention and graduation. Through a collaborative approach, our objective is to support students in skill-building, decision-making, and social engagement. Linking students in areas of access and success, we also serve as a resource for incorporating research-based initiatives, comprehensive assessment, and practices relating to diverse student populations.

The Department of Academic Enrichment consists of the following programs:

Academic Enrichment    Act 101
Academic Advisement     TRiO Upward Bound
TRiO Student Support   

Academic Enrichment Chairperson
Melissa Cheese, Ed.D. |
570-389-4515 | SSC 037

Department Secretary
Ailien Pham |
570-389-5335 | SSC 040

Department of Academic Enrichment
40 Student Services Center