Lavender Graduation

Congratulations Class of 2019 Cake

The 10th Annual Lavender Graduation Ceremony has been postponed. Updates will be posted here when available.


What is Lavender Graduation?

The ceremony celebrates the many accomplishments of LGBTQ students and Allies at Bloomsburg University. The LGBTQA Commission wants to take this opportunity to honor our graduates and to thank them for all that they do for the LGBTQ community and the university as a whole. It is also a time for the graduates to thank individuals for their support during the graduates’ time at BU.

Who attends Lavender Graduation?

Each April, we honor Undergraduate and Graduate Students who have already or plan to finish their degree during any semester in the current academic or calendar year. Also, each graduate will be able to identify a significant other who they would specifically like to honor at graduation (see participant form). All students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to attend the ceremony. Feel free to ask guests to join you for the celebration.

Why should I participate?

Lavender Graduation is a time for you to take pride in yourself and your achievements at BU. By participating, you will be visible sign of the strength of our community and serve as an example to future LGBTQA graduates. It also allows you an opportunity to thank those individuals in your life that have supported you during your time in school.

What about the official university graduation?

Lavender Graduation in no way replaces the University’s graduation. You will still be able to walk with your graduating class, AND you will be able to wear your rainbow tassel as a sign of your community pride.

Do I have to be LGBTQ or actively involved in LGBTQ issues on campus to participate?

NO. The ceremony is our way of celebrating ALL LGBTQ students and Allies at BU.

What should I wear?

No need to wear caps & gowns for this ceremony. Most participants at other Lav Grads around the country wear “business casual.” However, it’s your graduation, so we want you to be comfortable and express yourself. [Keep in mind: this is a “family” celebration, so keep it PG-13.]

(as you would like it to appear on your certificate)
(as you would like to be introduced)
These 4-6 sentences will be presented when you are honored at graduation. You can tell about achievements, groups, offices held, future plans, etc. You might also offer parting thoughts. Statements may be edited for space and content.
Your mentor should be somebody who has supported you during your time as a student at BU and who you would like to thank. It can be a partner, a friend, a faculty or staff member, a parent, etc.
Briefly explain in 2-3 sentences why this person is important to you. This message will be printed on a certificate for your mentor and read during the ceremony. Statements may be edited for content.
As part of this year’s ceremony, we’d like to include statements from our graduates about what this ceremony means to them. Please offer a sentence or two as to why you are participating in Lavender Graduation this year.