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LGBTQA Advocacy Awards

The Faculty/Staff Award was given in recognition of outstanding dedication and support of the LGBTQA community at Bloomsburg University. This individual's actions contributed to the creation or improvement of an inclusive, respectful, and safe climate on BU’s campus.

The Community Member Award was given in recognition of contributions made by a local community member who has worked to create a collaborative and inclusive presence in our local Bloomsburg community.


Past Award Recipients

  • 2009 James Mackin, Cheryl A. John, Marjorie A. Menaul
  • 2010 Alicia King Redfern, Jason Godeke, Caring Communities
  • 2011 Julie Vandivere, Gretchen Osterman
  • 2012 Mark Usry, Craig Young
  • 2013 Jean Downing, Gloria Cohen-Dion, Dan Knorr
  • 2014 Christina Francis, Sally Meyer
  • 2015 Jonathan Lincoln, Dwayne Heisler
  • 2016 Deb Chamberlain, Ruth Larcom
  • 2017 Timothy Oleksiak, David Soltz
  • 2018 Asa Kelley, Jim Brown, Ammon Young, Mary Almy
  • 2019 Monica Johnson, Albra Wheeler, Adrienne Mael