Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD)

Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD)

New Approach to Business Education

Terry and JoAnn Zeigler

Terry Zeigler '76, president and CEO of Datacap Systems Inc., and wife, JoAnn Schultz Zeigler '77, endowed the Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD) to help students cultivate professional skill sets, while developing a deeper understanding of how the functional areas of business interrelate. Terry Zeigler's experiences as co-founder of a small company convinced the couple of the importance of interconnected business education. Zeigler was in his 20s when he and two partners started Datacap Systems, which develops and markets E-payment interfaces that enable cash register and business system providers to add E-payments to their systems.


Bloomsburg University's Zeigler Institute for Professional Development is a comprehensive educational experience designed to build the personal and professional capacities necessary for career success through training and education in business etiquette, professional attire, interviewing, networking and resume writing.

Through ZIPD, students ...

  • learn about careers early on, to see where their true interests lie
  • gain a better understanding of the interconnectedness of the primary areas in business; marketing, management, accounting and finance
  • systematically prepare for success in the business world across all four years
  • increase knowledge about opportunities and expectations for a better understanding of career exploration and management
  • expand their understanding of current conditions and what it means to be a professional in their field of interest or major
  • set themselves apart by acquiring the tools to be a successful professional.

Effective Fall 2018 , Zeigler College of Business (ZCOB) student participation in the Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD) Program is voluntary.

  • There is no longer any zero credit, pass/fail ZIPD Course associated with the ZIPD Program.
  • New and returning ZCOB students must now register to participate in the ZIPD Program to realize the outstanding benefits afforded to them

How to REGISTER to participate:

  • Self-registration in the BOLT ZIPD Portal
  • Stop by the ZIPD Office-- 240 Sutliff Hall
  • Active membership in the ZCOB Learning Community new ZCOB freshman only

After BOLT self-registration, students are required to:

  • Register and attend one (1) ZIPD Elite Edition Success Session to better understand the NEW ZIPD Program guidelines

Exclusive Benefits for ZIPD Students

  • ZIPD Program Certificate of Completion
  • ZIPD Program Transcript Notation
  • ZIPD Graduation Medallion
  • Employer of Choice Hiring Opportunities
  • ZIPD Recommendation Letter for Internships and Employments
  • Faculty Recommendation Letter for Internships and Employment
    Exclusive Invitations
  • ZIPD Networking Events
  • ZIPD Business Conference Networking Reception
  • ZIPD Appreciation Award Luncheon
  • ZCOB Graduation Awards Ceremony Recognition
    Potential Professional Development Grants/Scholarships
  • Paid membership dues for ZCOB sponsored Club/Org (Eligibility requirement: Team Leader or Ambassador Award Levels)
  • Paid professional membership dues-- New grads-1st year out(Eligibility requirement: Vice President or C-Suite Award Levels)
  • Special consideration for CPDCE PD Grant Award

"My personal experiences through ZIPD conferences have taught me tools that I utilize in my everyday life. The ZIPD conferences I have attended have also enabled me to network, which has led to professional relationships and even interviews with possible employers. The Zeigler Institute for Professional Development is one of the best resources Bloomsburg University has to offer and that is why I recommend to all BU students to utilize this tool for their advantage."

- Sarkis Gulasarian, Bloomsburg COB Major

“The ZIPD Business Conference} allows for engaging interaction between current students and successful alumni who share their career experience and wisdom with our undergraduate students,”

President Bashar W. Hanna