ENG 101 ePortfolio

ENG 101 ePortfolio

Adobe Flash Tutorials are available below. Should you desire print-ability of the tutorials, view our Adobe PDF ENG 101 Instructions for ePortfolio on BOLT.

Adobe Flash Tutorials

Below are links to video tutorials that walk students through each step in creating an ePortfolio (“a presentation”), uploading a text (an “artifact”) to the ePortfolio platform, adding that artifact to a presentation, and then submitting that presentation to a BOLT drop box.

The best way to use these tutorials is to listen to them while following the steps. Listen for a few seconds and then pause the tutorial while you complete the steps.

Students who need additional help with their ePortfolios can come into the BUWC or register on the “Workshops” tab of our website to sign up to attend an evening ePortfolio workshop.

Creating a “Presentation”

Uploading an “Artifact”

Adding an “Artifact” to a “Presentation”

Submitting your ePortfolio to BOLT