Undergraduate Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity

Bloomsburg University’s Undergraduate research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity (URSCA) program is an opportunity for students to enhance their competitiveness for jobs and graduate school. 

Application Categories

Students may apply for awards in one of two application categories, Research and Scholarship (RS) and Creative Activities (CA).  Research and Scholarship applications generally fit projects in all (behavioral, life, physical, social) sciences, technology, engineering, math, and the humanities, where field, laboratory, or library or records research is conducted.  Creative Activities applications are suited for projects that produce creative writing, art works, or performances.

Overview of Program

The program supports research, scholarly, and creative activities by undergraduates who are mentored by faculty members in all disciplines on campus.  Awards are for either half-time ($200/wk) or full-time ($400/wk) support for the number of weeks needed to complete a proposed summer experience.  Minimum awards are full-time for three weeks ($1200) and maximum awards are full-time for 12 weeks ($4800).  These awards are student employment wages, and will be disbursed via payroll on a biweekly schedule, for work on the project.  A budget for supplies, up to $1,000, may be submitted along with the application.  However, keep in mind that not all projects will require this level of supplies.  All supply budgets must be itemized and include a clear justification for the request, and will be carefully reviewed by the Committee.  Please consult your faculty mentor regarding an appropriate supply budget.

Students prepare a proposal with a faculty mentor, submit the proposal by the deadline, and then are selected by a university-wide faculty committee.  If selected, students will be required to complete forms, including background checks, to be hired in the Summer 2018.  The program will offer organizational meetings, workshops, and presentation forums; announcements about these will be forthcoming.

For more information on the URSCA competition please click here:  View competition

Send questions to URSCA@bloomu.edu