2012 Beta Beta Beta Northeast District II Convention - Abstract Submission Form

Each attendee should submit a separate registration form. Please contact Cindy Surmacz (csurmacz@bloomu.edu) if you have any questions. Please pre-register by Monday, March 12, 2012. Registration forms will also be accepted onsite.

Abstract Submission Form

2012 Beta Beta Beta Northeast District II Convention
Abstracts must be submitted for poster and oral presentations. Posters should be 48”wide x 42” tall but a few larger posters may be accommodated. Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in length. If you have a larger poster please send Cindy Surmacz an email at csurmacz@bloomu.edu

Type abstract below, less than 250 words. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations should be prepared in Microsoft Word using standard Arial or Times New Roman font size 10. Copy and paste your abstract into this field.
If this is not possible, submit your abstract in a Microsoft Word Document formatted with size 10 Arial or Times New Roman Font and margins of 1 inch right and 2 1/2 inches left.  Do not place hard returns at ends of lines: allow word wrapping. The abstract is not to exceed 250 words. Abstracts will be used as submitted, so make sure to proof read them carefully; no corrections will be made.  Each abstract from a chapter must be submitted separately.