Remote Access Service (VPN)

Remote Access Service (VPN)

This service provides two highly secured connectivity options, WebVPN and AnyConnect. WebVPN will allow you to access certain resources (such as remote desktop, file servers, and web applications), without installing any specialized software on your computer. AnyConnect will give you direct access to the University network, just as if you were on-campus, but requires that you install the AnyConnect client on your computer first. More detailed information, including usage instructions, is available once you have logged in.

General Off-Campus VPN Instructions

1) Go to in a supported web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer).

2) Select the appropriate group (Usually "Faculty/Staff", the default).

3) Enter your user name and password, as you do when you log into your office computer, and click Login.

4) You may now click the "Full Remote Access" link and "Start AnyConnect" to give your computer a full VPN connection to the Bloomsburg University network (requires software installation), or instead choose the WebVPN service of your choice, such as "File Server Access" or "Remote Desktop (RDP)" to access network resources directly within your web browser.

Please note: For a seamless experience with Anyconnect and in order to get many features available on WebVPN to work at all, it is required that you have working Java client software installed on your computer and enabled in your web browser. Not sure if you have Java installed?

Remote Desktop Off-Campus VPN Instructions

Detailed instructions for connecting to your office computer from off-campus through WebVPN and AnyConnect VPN can be found on the Remote Desktop Connection page.

No VPN needed if already connected to campus network

If you try to connect to AnyConnect VPN (Full Remote Access option) from on-campus for any reason, even though it will appear that you've connected, this will actually break your connection to the campus network. Since you are already on campus, there is no need to VPN in, so do not attempt to VPN to campus when you are already connected to the campus network, even if you want to test connecting from a personal laptop to your office computer, for instance.