Technology - Sharepoint

Technology - Sharepoint

We have a campus-wide SharePoint site configured at
For best usability, please use Internet Explorer as your browser.

What can you do with SharePoint?

SharePoint is used for collaboration and document sharing among team members for a project.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it more convenient for members of the campus community to work together. Using SharePoint, an individual or group can set up Web sites to share information, collaborate in creating documents from start to finish, post announcements, set up team calendars and discussion forums, create project or unit document repositories, etc. The Web sites created with SharePoint are accessible from any device with internet access and the content is backed up regularly. The Web sites are also secure so only authorized members of the group, project team or department can access the content. SharePoint sites have been used by search and screen committees, departments, standing committees and project teams to foster collaboration and communication among their members. SharePoint is a much more flexible, accessible and powerful collaboration solution than the more commonly used shared network drives.
Some specific examples of teams on campus that are already using SharePoint, and how they are using it:

  • Various Search Committees: applicant document sharing.
  • Grants Office: grant application reviews among committee members.
  • General Education Committee: Document sharing and shared document editing.
  • Instructional Media Services: Shared Calendars.

How do I get access to a SharePoint site?

You can request access by emailing Bill Barnes at Please include the project / department name, description, and a list of users who require access.

Where can I get help using SharePoint?

Some resources for learning how to use SharePoint:
Take SharePoint Server 2010 training at your desk
Videos: browse for "Sharepoint" under the "Software" pull down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • When I access a document, it asks me to re-login? To prevent sharepoint from constantly asking for your password, you need to add the sharepoint site to your “trusted zones” in Internet Explorer (IE). Tools Menu -> Internet Options. Click on “Security” tab. Click on “Trusted Sites” and click the “Sites” button. Add this website to the Zone: and click “add.” Close all that out and it should stop re-prompting you to open each document.
  • How do I access SharePoint off campus? Due to the higher security on your shared documents, you must log into our campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access SharePoint from off campus. Directions can be found at this website: