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Spring 2018

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Unless otherwise specified - All seminars will be held in the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Center, Andruss Library, 4th floor, room 419

To register for a TALE Seminar, please do the following:
1. Send an email to
2. Type the words "Seminar Registration" in the subject line
3. State which seminar you are registering
4. Make sure your name is in the email

Fall 2017

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First Generation College Students: What to Expect - How to Help (PDF)

Active Learning for Busy Skeptics (and True Believers)

Presentation by Dr. Michael Prince, March 22, 2017

Active Learning    Active Learning

First Generation College Students: What to Expect—How to Help

Two BU faculty members, who were both first generation college students themselves, will take their learning's from a recent Lilly conference as well as their own personal experiences and present one contributing factor to 1st generation college students’ reported lower levels of engagement and academic success in college—limited interaction with faculty members. They will examine 1st generation faculty-student interactions and the correlation with academic success. Strategies will be discussed to increase interaction and hopefully increase 1st generation students' success in college.
Faculty: Beth Rogowsky, Regina Bobak.

First Generation College Students

Lilly Conference - June 2017

Seven Bloomsburg University faculty attended the 2017 International Lilly Conference in Bethesda, Maryland, June 1-4, 2017. Faculty attendance to the conference was sponsored by the TALE Center.

Faculty: Tung Cu, Kai Kuang, Walter Zilz, Dennis Frohlich, Heather Ervin, Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus, and Erin Brummett.

Lilly Conference