Languages & Cultures


Program Directors

Dr. Donahue, Dr. Dórame-Holoviak, Dr. García-Moll, Dr. Hidalgo-de Jesús, Dr. Salas-Elorza
Department of Languages and Cultures

Spanish Track Course Requirements (24 credits)

SPANISH 203: Spanish III

SPANISH 204: Spanish IV

(By advisement, students may substitute SPANISH 203 and SPANISH 204 with Spanish electives if they place out of the courses on the Language Placement Test)

SPANISH 206: Structure of the Spanish Language

SPANISH 207: Conversation and Composition I

SPANISH 305: Applied Phonetics & Pronunciation

SPANISH 306: Conversation & Composition II

SPANISH 405: Spain

SPANISH 406: Latin America

3 Credits by Advisement from the following:

SPANISH 208: Spanish for Health Professions

SPANISH 209: Spanish for Social Services

SPANISH 210: Commercial Spanish

SPANISH 211: Spanish Culture & Civilization

SPANISH 212: Spanish American Culture & Civilization

SPANISH 213: U S Hispanic Cultures & Literatures

SPANISH 214: Hispanic Culture & Civilization

SPANISH 221: Spanish Culture through Film

SPANISH 222: Latin American Culture through Film

SPANISH 250: Spanish for Heritage Speakers I

SPANISH 281-9: Special Topics

SPANISH 290: Study Abroad

SPANISH 325: Spanish for Educators

SPANISH 331: Literary Analysis of Hispanic Texts

SPANISH 350: Spanish for Heritage Speakers II

SPANISH 390: Internship in Spanish

SPANISH 403: Advanced Structure & Composition

SPANISH 421: Latin American Literature

SPANISH 422: Hispanic Theater and Poetry

SPANISH 430: Hispanic Short Story

SPANISH 490: Independent Study

Common Core (Required)

Languages and Cultures 200: Comparative Cultural Studies

Languages and Cultures 400: Comparative Language Studies

Secondary Education in Languages and Cultures additional requirement:

LANGCULT 350: Foreign Language Teaching Methodology