Sociology Faculty and Staff

Sociology Faculty and Staff

Christopher F. Armstrong, Professor, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Teaching – Introductory Sociology, Social Stratification, Deviant Behavior. Research – Stratification with a focus on Prep Schools and Upper-Class Education. | McCormick Center 2134 | 570-389-4240 |

Heather Feldhaus, Professor and Director of the Center for Community Research and Consulting. Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Teaching – Introductory Sociology, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Research Methods, Sociology of Work. Research - Applied Sociology, Community, Social Problems. | Bakeless Center 315B | 570-389-4221 |

Brandon Lang, Associate Professor., Ph.D., North Carolina State University. Teaching – Social Problems, Urban and Community Sociology, Sociology of Sport, Sociology of Gender. Research – Sociology of Sports and Medical Education. | McCormick Center 2109 | 570-389-5132 |

Megumi Omori, Professor., Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Teaching - Research Methods, Social Statistics, Marriage and Family, and Population. Research – Family, Women in the Labor Market, Wealth Accumulation, and Consumption. | McCormick Center 2125 | 570-389-4245 |

Christopher Podeschi, Associate Professor. , Ph.D., University of Nebraska. Teaching – Introductory Sociology, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Sociological Theory, Qualitative Methods, Environmental Sociology. Research – Nature and Environmental Issues in Culture/Media, Environmental Attitudes, Family’s Role in Cultivating Environmental Attitudes, Social Impacts of Energy Development/Hydraulic Fracturing, Applied sociology. | Bakeless Center 316A | 570-389-4640 |

Neal Slone, Associate Professor., Ph.D., University of Washington. Specialization – Law and Society, Microsociology, Quantitative Analysis. | McCormick Center 2129 | 570-389-4932 |