Careers in Sociology

Careers in Sociology

Sociology Careers

Career options for students obtaining a bachelor’s degree in sociology are diverse. It is the basis for pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in sociology, leading to careers in academia, research or applied sociology.

Sociology graduates also find themselves in entry level corporate, non-profit organization and government agency jobs. The American Sociological Association is an excellent source of information about the value of majoring in sociology.

The Sociology Network

Sociology majors recently got a snapshot into their potential career paths from a trio of Bloomsburg University sociology alumni who have lived it. John McVeigh, Jamie Weir and Sierra Helfrich visited campus to offer career advice, post-graduate guidance, and tips on how succeed in the real world.

They each spoke about their own advancement through the sociological field, providing several examples of the many opportunities a sociology degree offers. Although through varied paths, each alum spoke of similar approaches and lessons learned since graduating from Bloomsburg.

Life Lessons and Career Tips
  • Don’t let anyone limit you from going after a dream job
  • Getting a job is a full-time job itself with applying, interviewing, testing, etc.
  • Approach your job search with an open and positive attitude
  • Know yourself and pay attention to who you are
  • Remember luck plays a large role in where you end up
  • Be persistent, don’t give up and don’t ever quit