Russian and East European Studies

Program Director

Dr. Mykola Polyuha | 570-389-4676

Russian and East European Studies Track Course Requirements (18 credits)

RUSSIAN 101: Russian I
RUSSIAN 102: Russian II
RUSSIAN 203: Intermediate Russian I
RUSSIAN 204: Intermediate Russian II
RUSSIAN 305: Russian for Professional Communication I
RUSSIAN 306: Russian for Professional Communication ll
3 Credits by Advisement from the Following:
RUSSIAN 211: Russian Culture and Civilization
RUSSIAN 212: Russian Film, Literature, and Culture
RUSSIAN 214: East European Film, Literature, and Culture
SIX CREDITS from one of the following groups of concentration courses:
a) Humanities Concentration:
HISTORY 349: Medieval Russia
HISTORY 356: Imperial Russia
HISTORY 452: Soviet Russia
HISTORY 405/505: Jews of Europe
HISTORY 460/461: Topics in European History
RUSSIAN 290: Independent Study

b) Business Concentration:
ECONOMIC 322: Contrasting Economics
ECONOMIC 333: International Economics
ECONOMIC 334: Economic Growth of Underdeveloped Areas
ECONOMIC 531: Current Economic Problems
ECONOMIC 532: Comparative Economic Systems
ECONOMIC 533: International Economic Policies and Relations
BUSED 350: Valuing Diversity in Business
LAW 407: International Legal Environment in Business

c) Social and Political Sciences Concentration:
ANTHRO 320: Contemporary World Cultures
ANTHRO 440: Language and Culture
EDFOUND 406: Multicultural Education
EGGS 102: World Cultural Geography
EGGS 104: World Regional Geography
POLISCI 181: Contemporary Issues in World Politics
POLISCI 280: Introduction to International Relations
POLISCI 487: International Law and Organization

Common Core (Required)
Languages and Cultures 200: Comparative Cultural Studies
Languages and Cultures 400: Comparative Language Studies