Bidding and Contracting

Bidding and Contracting

How We Buy

We will seek competitive quotes, competitive proposals or bids for services and goods whenever possible and as required by code or policy.

The request for quotes or bids may be verbal, telephonic, FAX, electronic or in writing depending on the potential dollar amount of the order and prevailing policies. When you receive a request for bid or request for proposal be sure that your response is complete, signed, and returned to us by the time and date due. Some bids may require an original signature (hard copy) document, so please be alert to the specific instructions that accompany each request. Late or incomplete bids will not be considered. The University reserves the right to cancel or postpone published bid openings if, in the sole discretion of the University conditions warrant.

Viewing Bid Opportunities

The majority of bids will be advertised on both the Department of General Services eMarketplace website as well as the PASSHE website.

PA eMarketplace

Please go to PA eMarketplace to review any bid opportunities at Bloomsburg University. 

  • You will need to enter "Columbia" in the county search field.

PASSHE Website

You must register at a one-time no cost process. Once registered, you gain access to bid opportunities from a number of PASSHE Universities. You can also be automatically notified of other opportunities that match your products and services. No other vendors or bidders have access to your bid information.

View Solicitations and Bids/Awards at PASSHE's eProcurement Exchange

Note: All University solicitations greater than $19,700 will be formally advertised at the websites above.

Prohibited Contract Clauses

  • Assignment
  • Legal Jurisdiction - The laws of the Commonwealth of PA must govern
  • Attorney Fees, Court Costs, Entry of Judgment - The University may not voluntarily pay the contract’s court costs or legal fees nor may it allow a contractor to confess judgment on its behalf.
  • Indemnity and Hold Harmless - Removed from every Commonwealth contract because it compromises the greatest protection afforded the Commonwealth entities; sovereign immunity.
  • Payment in Advance - Prohibited except as justified in writing
  • Purchase of Insurance - Vehicle rentals are an exception.

Submitting Bids

Those wishing to get on the University bid list may view our bid list instruction page.

When returning bids, indicate if your bid varies in any way from the item requested or specified by the University. If the proposals indicate that we will accept bids on equal items, indicate the model number and manufacturer on the proposal of the item being supplied and give as much detail on those item(s) as possible. For bids that require sealed envelopes, please make sure to clearly indicate the bid proposal number and bid due date and time on the face of the envelope.

Viewing Proposed Sole Sources and Emergency Purchase Orders

View proposed Sole Sources and proposed Emergency Purchase Order (EPOs) at PASSHE's eProcurement Exchange

Searching Tip: To find 'Sole Source' or 'Emergency (EPO)' Bids, use the BID TYPE NAME filter.

Sole Source

A contract may be awarded for a construction item without the necessity of bidding when the Contracting Officer determines in writing that one of the following statutory conditions exists:
  » Only a single contractor is capable of providing the construction;
  » A federal or state statute or federal regulation exempts the construction from competitive procurements;
  » The total cost of the construction is less than $10,000.00,
  » It is clearly not feasible to award the contract on a competitive basis;
  » The services involve the repair, modification or calibration of equipment and the work is to be performed by the manufacturer of the equipment or by an authorized dealer, provided the Contracting

Officer determines that bidding is not appropriate under the circumstances, or
  » The contract is in the best interest of the Commonwealth.

Emergency Contracts

Emergency Contracts are permissible when the Contracting Officer or his designee’s determines that there is a threat to public health, safety and welfare or circumstances outside the control of the University create an urgency of need which necessitates the suspension of normal bidding and review requirements.
When possible 2 bids should be secured. These do not have to be in writing. However, written determination of the basis for the emergency and for the selection of the contractor must be included in the contract file and sent in the form of a certification when the contract is submitted for legal review after the work is completed.

The following items are required for all Emergency Contracts:

  » Written Scope of Work
  » Contractor’s written documentation of its bid
  » Performance and Payment Bonds (if required)
  » Prevailing Wage Determination (if required)