Getting on the Bid List

Getting on the Bid List

If you wish to be added as a prospect to University bid lists, send a letter indicating the specific products or services you offer to either the Purchasing Office or Construction Procurement Office.

Questions or inquiries can also be directed to:

Name Position Phone Email
Jeff Mandel Director of Procurement and Operations 570-389-4045
Jeff Ulanoski Assistant Director of Procurement 570-389-4313
Diann Shamburg Contract Specialist 570-389-4312
Brandi Yagle Purchasing Agent 570-389-4314
Jamie Cotner Clerk 570-389-4311

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is committed to providing equal education, employment and economic opportunities for all persons without regard to race, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, life style, affectional or sexual orientation, handicap, or veteran status. The University is additionally committed to affirmative action and will take positive steps to provide such educational, economic and employment opportunities. Inquiries may be directed to:

Director of Equity and Accommodations
Robert Wislock (570-389-4529)

Additional information regarding the University made be found via its homepage:

Research and Processing of Requests

The University encourages research of products and services at the department level, which also includes budget availability review. The departments submit purchase or service requests to the Purchasing Office or the Construction Procurement Office which maintain the official bidder lists and will competitively bid, encumber, and award all purchase orders and contracts. These offices also secure additional approvals of governing authorities when needed - depending upon the value and nature of the contract instrument.

It is important for vendors to register with the Purchasing Office and/or the Construction Procurement Office to maintain their firm on the active bidder lists. It is also important for vendors to respond to bid invitations - even when not bidding - in order to remain on the active bidder lists.

Please keep the Purchasing Office and/or Construction Procurement Office aware of your activities on campus, and always copy them when making quotations or proposals to individual departments for their preliminary consideration. This will help us to better understand the products and services you offer so that we may share such information with other interested departments.