Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions

Psychology: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take more than 36 hours in Psychology?

Yes, you can take as many courses as you want.

Why do I have so many free electives?

As far as majors go, our 36 hour requirement for a psychology major is rather small. You might consider a double major, a minor, and/or a career concentration. Talk to your advisor about ways to use those extra hours wisely!

Is it true that some courses count both for my major and general education requirements?

Yes, see the General Education Requirements page.

How many hours do I need to graduate?

You need 120 hours. Read more about Graduation Requirements here.

Can I change advisors?

Yes. Read more about faculty advisors here.

Where can I get help in choosing a career within the field of psychology?

Talk with your advisor, check out the career materials in the Psychology Office, and read through the Careers in Psychology section of this website.

How do I sign up for Methods and Apps?

You must sign up for Methods or Applications in the Psychology Office approximately a month before scheduling starts. These courses fill up quickly. The order of preference is listed here.

Do I have to get a C in Methods?

Yes, unless you entered the psychology major prior to Fall, 1998. A minimum grade of C is also required for Psych-101 General Psychology and for Psych-160 Basic Statistics. Note that a grade of C- does not count as a C.

Why do I have to take Basic Statistics and two Experimental courses?

Psychology is a science. The faculty are committed to the scientific foundation of psychology. A good counselor understands scientific research and the way it informs the theoretical and therapeutic areas of the discipline.

Do I have to work with a rat and take care of it every day ?

Yes, you must work with a rat. Every student in Applications must agree to the Statement of Understanding. The Applications course has a five week component during which you will be responsible for working with your rat at the same time, Monday through Friday.

What if I fail or withdraw from a required course?

You will need to take that course again and achieve the required grade. When you withdraw or fail a course you must schedule that course again. You will not be given reserved seats or any special entrance into the course the following semester.

Which courses require professor approval prior to scheduling?

Advanced Experimental Design: Meet with the professor teaching the course prior to signing up

Seminar: Some professors require you to put your name on a sign-up sheet early in the semester prior to scheduling

Theory and Practice of Academic Psychology (T.A. Class): Application due to Dr. Astor-Stetson or Dr. Beck the semester prior to scheduling

Practicum (or internship): Application due to Dr. Beck the semester prior to scheduling

Independent Study: Meet with the professor who will be your mentor early in the semester prior to scheduling. An application is due to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts the semester prior to scheduling