Psych-497 Practicum in Psychology

Psych-497 Practicum in Psychology

Course Description

Provides supervised field experience (40 hours per credit) in a community setting. Requires attendance at class sessions and completion of writing assignments to promote awareness of ethical issues and integration of field experience with psychological knowledge. May be taken for 3-15 credits. Regardless of number of credits taken, this course fulfills one of the required senior-year capstone courses for psychology majors.


Ninety credit hours; Minimum grade of C in Psych-101 General Psychology; Minimum grade of C in Psych-160 Basic Statistics, Minimum grade of C in Psych-281 Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Minimum grade of C- in Psych-282 Experimental Psychology: Applications, AND consent of the instructor.

Offered: Fall and Spring semesters.

Additional Information

Interested students should ...

  • read Securing Your Practicum;
  • see practicum coordinator for the Psychology Practicum Application;
  • make an appointment for your first interview by March 1 for a fall practicum and Oct. 1 for a spring practicum;
  • bring the completed application to the interview with the practicum coordinator.

Recent Practicum Placements

  • school psychologists, guidance counselors, and other professionals in schools
  • community treatment programs for children and youth at risk of psychological disorders
  • residential settings for treatment of children and youth with psychological disorders, including substance dependence
  • community mental health programs for adults
  • state psychiatric hospital for adults
  • women’s center
  • juvenile probation and youth correctional settings for youth
  • community and residential services for senior citizens
    • Practicum placements must be planned together with the practicum coordinator.