Psychology Outcomes

Nicole Albertson

“What I enjoy most about BU is the great professors I've had that put extra effort into guiding and supporting me. They've allowed me to take advantage of many opportunities that otherwise I might have missed out on.” — Nicole Albertson

Nick Everett

“The small classroom sizes promote a more intimate setting where your professors can get to know you easily. I also love the sunset after class while you walk into town; it’s a great thing to see after a stressful day!” — Nick Everett

Fatima Kanneh

“What I enjoy most about psychology is the different job opportunities that are available in the field. I also enjoy conducting research and comparing my results with previous ones.” *#8212; Fatima Kanneh

Kathryn Spirk

“Psychology presents many of topics we cover in class that can be applied to my relationships with others in my everyday life. I enjoy BU's sense of belongingness due to the opportunities the school provides and the bonds I've formed with my professors and friends.” — Kathryn Spirk


Outcomes of Recent Psychology Graduates

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