Aging Studies and Gerontology Minor

Aging Studies and Gerontology Minor

gerontology minor

Contact Information

Dr. Marion Mason, program chair
McCormick 2140 | 570-389-4910


Students may consult with any of these advisors for further information on the minor and careers in gerontology:

Dr. Eckroth-Bucher, Nursing, MCHS 3113

Dr. Erdley, Social Work, MCHS 2127

Dr. Evans, Social Work, MCHS 2120

Dr. Hidalgo-DeJesus, Spanish, OSH 0231

Dr. Mason, Psychology, MCHS 2140

Dr. Larcom, Psychology, MCHS 2141

Dr. Pam Smith, CEH 0224

An 18 credit, interdisciplinary program, the Aging Studies and Gerontology (ASG) Minor is designed for students who want strengthen their major career path by adding an emphasis on understanding and working with older adults. The minor is located in the Psychology Department with Dr. Mason as the primary contact person.

The purpose of the ASG Minor is to provide an accurate understanding of the primary dilemmas and challenges that come with successful aging and age-related decline. Aging is not only a personal and psychological journey, but also one of physical, financial, social, and environmental changes. Students in many majors across campus can use this understanding of aging and older adults as an area of application and special emphasis.

The ASG Minor was established in Fall, 2015, as a result of a growing interest across campus in incorporating more about the aging population in the curriculum. The University Magazine featured several articles on work in aging across campus.


1. Courses

The courses required to complete the ASG Minor can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Make note of the following advising items:

Of the 6 courses, 2 must from the Foundational Courses List

Of the 6 courses, 1 must be upper-level (300-400 courses)

Bio 231, Biology of Aging, is often reserved so it appears to be closed or full. There are reserved seats for the ASG Minor students. Contact Dr. Mason to find out if any reserved seats are left.

Exersci 397, Adult Health and Development, is also often reserved so it appears to be closed or full. There are reserved seats for the ASG Minor students. Contact Dr. Mason to find out if any reserved seats are left.

2. Declare the ASG Minor

Fill out a minor declaration form from the Registrar’s Office and contact Dr. Mason ( for her signature. This is an important step to make sure students receive announcements and time-sensitive information via email.

3. Complete the ASG Minor Graduation Form

This is an online form to be filled out during a student’s final semester. It will take 10-15 minutes to complete. See Dr. Mason in your last semester to receive the link, verify completion of the minor, and to discuss any special accommodations if needed.


Multigenerational Campus and Community Alliance (MCCA)

MCAA is a Bloomsburg University student organization focused on bringing older adults and college students together. While it is open to any students on campus, it also serves as a primary source of news and activities for students in the ASG Minor. The faculty advisors for the MCCA are Dr. Erdley and Dr. Larcom.

Learn about Careers in Aging,

Learning about Careers in Aging, created by the Gerontological Society of America and the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, describes many career options for students at all levels from an Associates degree to a doctoral degree.

101+ Careers in Aging,

Exploring Careers in Aging is divided into sections: Administration, Financial and Legal Services, Fitness/Wellness, Health Care Services, Housing and Home Modifications, Intergenerational Activities, Leisure and Recreation, Personal Care, Travel, Older Adults in the Workplace, and a Miscellaneous gathering of job and career options.

Gerontological Society of America Student Organization

The Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization,,

is the student-focused group within the larger society. The GSA is the premier academic society for everyone in academics and the professional areas who work with older adults.

American Psychological Association: Geropsychology

Geropsychology,, provides an overview of the ways psychology and gerontology overlap. It also gives many links to other helpful sites.