Department of Psychology Directory

Kevin Ball

Kevin T. Ball, Associate Professor

  • 2110 McCormick Center | 570-389-4513 | Education: B.A., Bloomsburg University, Ph.D., Indiana University (Bloomington) | Courses: Behavioral Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology: Methods, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences | Research Areas: Neuropsychopharmacology of Drug Abuse and Addiction
Eric Stouffer

Eric Stouffer, Associate Professor

  • 2142 McCormick Center | 570-389-4473 | Education: A.A., Hagerstown Community College; B.A., Shepherd University; M.A., Towson University; Ph.D., McGill University | Courses: Psychology of Learning, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Behavioral Neuroscience | Academic areas: Learning, Experimental Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience | Research areas: My research focuses on the brain structures and systems that underlie latent learning (the unintentional acquisition of neutral environmental information that does not immediately influence behavior) and memory in rats. I am also very interested in changes in learning and memory during aging, as well as possible treatments for age-related declines in learning and memory, such as diet and physical exercise.
Joseph Tloczynski

Joseph G. Tloczynski, Professor

  • 2117 McCormick Center | 570-389-4472 | Education: B.A., Bloomsburg State College; M.A., West Chester University; Ph.D., Lehigh University | Courses Taught: General Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Theories of Personality, Principles of Behavior Modification, Psychology Seminar in "Psychology of Religion and Spirituality", Psychology Seminar in "Paranormal Psychology" | Research Interests: My research program examines how manipulating our consciousness through meditation, prayer, and/or spirituality can enhance our personality, self-control, stress management, and well-being. My current research looks at the effects of meditation and prayer on spirituality, anxiety, stress, physical well-being, and sense of/modes of control.
Jeffrey Leitzel

Jeffrey D. Leitzel, Associate Professor

  • 2123 McCormick Center | 570-389-4232 | | Education: B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M.A., Marywood College, Ph.D., Marywood University | Courses: Psychology of Adjustment, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent Development, Life Span Psychology, Early Child Development, Psychological Aspects of Social Issues, Advanced Experimental Design | Academic Areas: Human Development/Counseling Psychology | Specialty Areas: Adolescent Psychopathology, Assessment, Program Evaluation, Advanced Statistical Computing
Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer A. Johnson, Associate Professor

  • 2122 McCormick Center | 570-389-4635 | Education: B.A., Bucknell University; Ph.D., McGill University | Courses: Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Cognitive Psychology, Seminars (Sensation and Perception; Mythbusters: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Psychology) | Academic areas: Experimental Psychology, Cognition, Cognitive Neuroscience | Research areas: Factors that influence attention; Good Work in higher education; Music cognition
Mary Jo Larcom

Mary Jo Larcom, Assistant Professor

  • 2141 McCormick Center | 570-389-4479 | Education: B.A., Bloomsburg University; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts | Courses: Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Life Span Psychology | Research Interests: Social Developmental Psychology, Age-related changes in emotion recognition and emotion regulation; the effect of current mood on interpretations of emotionally ambiguous stimuli in younger, middle-aged, older and adults; emotional development during adulthood.
Mary Katherine Waibel-Duncan

Mary Katherine Waibel Duncan, Professor, Joan and Fred Miller Distinguished Professor of Good Work

  • 2111 McCormick Center | 570-389-4469 | Education: B.A,. Bryn Mawr College; M.S., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University | Courses Taught: Early Child Development, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Developmental Psychopathology, Psychology Seminar on Positive Psychology, Independent Study | Research Interests: positive youth development, early child development, developmental psychopathology, academic good work
Nancy Giles

Nancy Giles, Assistant Professor

  • 2114 McCormick Center | 570-389-4283 | Education: B.A., University of North Texas; M.A., University of West Florida; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison | Courses: Life Span Psychology, Psychological Tests and Measurements, Early Childhood, Transitions to Adolescence, and Middle Childhood Cognitive Development | Research Interests: Teaching and learning of lower achieving students; Cognitive and language development in children and adolescents with cognitive disabilities
Brooke Hansen

Brooke Hansen, Temporary Faculty

  • Positive Psychology
  • Goal Setting & Motivation
  • Experimental Psychology
    Winona Cochran

    Winona J. Cochran, Professor

    • 2156 McCormick Center | 570-389-4474 | Education: A.S., Dalton Junior College; B.S. University of Tennessee; M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia | Social Psychology, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
    John Waggoner

    John E. Waggoner, Professor

    • 2124 McCormick Center | 570-389-4478 | Education: B.A., Shippensburg State College; M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University | Courses: History of Psychology, Early Child Development
    Amy Covill

    Amy Covill, Associate Professor

    • 2138 McCormick Center | 570-389-4990 | Education: B.A., Colgate University; M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Washington (Seattle) | Courses: Cognitive Psychology, Early Child Development, Cognitive Development, Life Span Psychology, and Seminar: Advanced Language Study | Research Interests: The development of writing skill, cognitive processes involved in writing, and applications of psychology to learning and teaching
    Marion Mason

    Marion G. Mason, Professor

    • 2140 McCormick Center | 570-389-4910 | Education: A.A., Oklahoma City Community College, B.S., Southern Nazarene University; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University | Director of the Aging Studies and Gerontology Minor | Courses: General Psychology, Theory and Practice of Academic Psychology, Adulthood and Aging, Principles of Gerontology, Life Span Psychology | Academic Areas: Adult Development, Aging, and Gerontology | Research Areas: Older Adults and Social Media, College Student and Older Adult (intergenerational) Interactions
    Marnie Yeick

    Marnie Yeick, Department Secretary


    Julie M. Kontos, Professor, Department Chair

    • 2103 McCormick Center | 570-389-4471 | Education: B.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia | Courses: Psychology of Learning, Experimental Psychology: Methodology, Experimental Psychology: Applications, Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences