Psychology: Facilities, Specialized Labs and Equipment

Psychology: Facilities, Specialized Labs and Equipment

Facilities for Experimental Psychology Courses

The Experimental Psychology classroom is adjacent to six small experimental cubicles. Each cubicle houses a PC connected to the campus network and a laser printer. Students perform statistical analyses with SPSS and create graphics and write documents with Microsoft Word.

Each cubicle contains an Operant Conditioning Chamber for rats. All chambers are controlled by a Coulbourn Instruments computer interface. Students are required to perform a 5- week experiment with rats as part of their Experimental Applications course.

Neuropharmacology Laboratory

The laboratory contains equipment used to investigate the brain mechanisms underlying various behaviors, including learning, memory, and drug abuse. This facility contains a full complement of neurosurgical equipment (operating area, stereotaxic instruments, autoclave, lesion producers, etc.), as well as equipment for brain histology (histofreeze, microtome, microprojector, etc.).

Animal Facilities

The department has three rooms devoted to housing and caring for rats. These animals are used in both student and faculty research projects. A professional animal-caretaker oversees the facility.

Animal Experimental Labs

The department has three rooms devoted to performing research in the area of operant conditioning, drug abuse, and neuroscience. Two of the rooms each contain 8 operant conditioning chambers for rats and automated activity chambers that are controlled by computers and a Coulbourn Instruments Interface System.

Statistics Laboratory

The department teaches Basic Statistics in a room with 22 computers and SPSS statistics packages.