Professional U

Welcome employers, recruiters and internship hosts

Alumni and Professional Engagement (APE) develops relationships on behalf of the university with organizations interested in providing BU students with professional and career-related experiences that embrace Professional U. APE also works to develop and promote these and other experiential opportunities to both students and faculty in an effort to broaden exposure and awareness. APE assists in establishing necessary paperwork between the organization and BU to ensure an experience can earn the student credits towards his or her degree.

Resources for Organizations

To gain a better sense of the type of opportunities your organization has for engagement, peruse some of BU’s most common programs. However, we recognize that not all experiences are similar. That is why we work with you to determine the right fit as we establish a collaborative relationship!

Handshake – A great way to start connecting with our students is by posting your current employment and internship opportunities in our system.

Husky Career Road Trips – These off-campus visits provide students exposure and awareness to careers, skills they need, and opportunities to gain experience.

Husky Shadows – Job shadowing typically occurs in a short period of time, usually a week or less, and allows students to observe and work alongside current professionals. This is an ideal way to explore academic and career options, develop your network, and build transferable skills.

Internships – These can be paid, unpaid, for credit or not. They can also be comprehensive internship programs or just a single opportunity. Complete the Internship Host Interest form or contact:

Check to see if your organization has an established Affiliation Agreement.

Request an Affiliation Agreement for your organization.

On-Campus Engagement – Whether job fairs, in-class room presentations, on-site interviewing, participating in a workshop or panel discussion, APE welcomes your professional involvement.

How Do I Get Involved?

Whether you are a(n) student, alumni, faculty, or organization we seek your participation and collaborative opportunities!

  • Students – faculty and BU as a whole want to see you achieve all of your academic and professional aspirations. Be sure that you have the best possible advantage by participating in Professional U!
  • Alumni – you are the voices of success we welcome as part of Professional U! Learn more about the various ways your endowment of time can be used to make a difference.
  • Faculty – learn how you can weave Professional U resources into your classroom and/or department.
  • Employers and Organizations – your passion for our Huskies and Professional U allow us to share meaningful experiences and opportunities with our students. How do you envision your organizations involvement? (Resources on this page)