PRP 3870 - Graduate Faculty Appointment

PRP 3870 - Graduate Faculty Appointment

Issued by: Ira K. Blake, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: Fall 2013

Notes: Endorsed by Graduate Council February 25, 1991. Endorsed by BUCC April 3, 1991. Presented as information item to University Forum April 24, 1991. Amended by Graduate Council March 3, 2000. Amended by BUCC April 19, 2000. Presented to University Forum April 26, 2000 as information item. Amended by Graduate Council September 12, 2012. Approved by BUCC April 10, 2013. Presented at University Forum April 24, 2013.

Prior version of this policy

The integrity of graduate programs is the responsibility of the graduate faculty and, in large part, depends on their efforts and on their capabilities. For this reason, the Graduate Faculty is primarily composed of individuals who have earned terminal degrees in their discipline and are active scholars as demonstrated through activities that bring their work under critical review by professionals in their discipline.

Several categories of Graduate Faculty Status are defined as follows:

1. Graduate Faculty Status -Full. Reserved for Tenured Bloomsburg University faculty from departments with graduate programs with a sustained record of active scholarship as indicated primarily by peer-reviewed publications and exhibits and by external grant attempts. Active scholarship accomplishments also include such measures as papers and exhibits delivered at national and regional meetings of professional societies, regional and national recognition awards, offices held in professional organizations, consultancy work, corporate contracts awarded, invitational lectures, and participation in panels and workshops at regional and national meetings of professional organizations. The recommendation for full graduate faculty status should be included in the 5 year review and will originate from the relevant department Chair and be reviewed by the Academic Dean and then forwarded to the Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research, hereafter referred to as the Graduate Dean.

Based on each colleges definition of sustained record of active scholarship, the Graduate Dean will approve, or not, the candidate for full graduate faculty status. The Graduate Dean will then present a decision, at the earliest convenience, to the Graduate Council for information purposes and for any discussion.

Full Graduate Faculty members may teach graduate courses, may chair and serve on graduate thesis committees, and may serve as Graduate Program Coordinators. Full Graduate faculty status is awarded for renewable 5-year periods. Renewals are based on continued sustained scholarship activities (as described above) and on written recommendations by the relevant Chair and by the College Dean and upon final approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

2. Graduate Faculty Status -Associate. Tenure-track Bloomsburg University faculty from departments with graduate programs who hold terminal degrees, or who are currently enrolled in a doctoral program. Associate Graduate faculty status is renewable yearly upon written recommendation of the cognizant Departmental Chair, and the relevant College Dean. Final yearly approval is made by the Dean of Graduate Studies who then informs, and may seek input from, the Graduate Council.

Associate Graduate faculty annual renewals are based on clear signs of a progression of scholarship activities as defined above and as measured by the respective College, as stated above for full graduate faculty status. Faculty with Associate Graduate Faculty status will have all the rights of full graduate faculty for renewable one-year periods.

3. Graduate Faculty Status - Adjunct. An appointment reserved for Bloomsburg University faculty in departments without Graduate programs, or for individuals who are not members of the Bloomsburg University Faculty. Adjunct Graduate Faculty may be invited to teach graduate courses, assist in teaching graduate courses and to serve on thesis committees, but may not chair a thesis committee. Adjunct Graduate Faculty appointments are renewable for up to 5 years, upon written recommendation of the cognizant Departmental Chair and the College Dean, and upon final approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

4. Temporary Graduate Faculty. Temporary appointments to the Graduate Faculty can be made by the Dean of Graduate Studies for a period not to exceed one year. Such appointments are recommended in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies by the cognizant department chair. The Dean of Graduate Studies may limit the activities during the temporary appointment to specific courses or committee work.

For all Graduate Faculty appointment recommendations (Full, Associate, Adjunct and Temporary) a current curriculum vitae will be included with the written recommendation before final approval. The vitae should contain sufficient information to allow one to judge the candidate against standards identified in the definitions of Graduate Faculty status.