PRP 3828 - Library Book and Materials Withdrawal

PRP 3828 - Library Book and Materials Withdrawal

Issued By: James V. Mitchell, VP for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: November 17, 1977

Notes: Approved by the Representative Assembly, November 17, 1977.

Through the standard library practice of selective weeding, books and materials which are no longer necessary will be withdrawn from the Harvey A. Andruss Library collection.

Ephemeral and superseded materials, such as newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and various types of reference publications, will continue to be discarded routinely as unneeded items.

Books and materials which are judged to be beyond repair will either be replaced, if possible, or discarded if no longer needed. If a book is considered to be necessary and a replacement copy is not available, the book will be retained as a non-circulating copy.

Specific titles not needed by the library, such as obsolete, superseded, or unwanted duplicate materials, requested for use by other departments on campus will be withdrawn from the library holdings and sent to those departments. All other materials will be discarded per current state-wide policy directives.