PRP 3602 - Prior Version

PRP 3602 - Prior Version

Issued by: Wilson G. Bradshaw, Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: Fall 1995

Notes: Approved by CCAA, 10/26/83. Amended and accepted by RAX, 11/16/83. Accepted by Representative Assembly, 11/30/83. Reviewed by BUCC 4/26/95. Presented to University Forum September 20, 1995.

Major - Each student must complete a major field of study for graduation. A major field of study is one of the approved degree programs prescribed by the major department or the college in which the student is enrolled. The specific course requirements for the options within each of the degree programs leading to the degrees as described in the Catalogue.

Minor - A minor field of study consists of a minimum of 18 hours. While courses counting toward a minor may also fulfill General Education or Career Concentration requirements, minor courses may not be in a student's major discipline and/or certification area. A minor offered in a academic discipline may have multiple advisement options. A student may choose to pursue minors in more than one academic discipline.

Career Concentrations - Career concentrations are multidisciplinary advisement programs to help students select course to develop appropriate skills and knowledge to prepare for entry and mobility in specific professions or careers. For example, career advisory committees exist in areas such as community services, public administration, gerontology, and environmental management and planning.

Teacher Certifications - Certification is the result of completing a teacher education program approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as defined by Chapter 49 of the Regulations of the State Board of Education - Certification of Professional Personnel. Certificates are issues by the Pennsylvania Department of Education upon the recommendation of the University, based on its approved teacher education programs. Certification does not apply to certificates issued by the University for completion of a University program. Minors cannot lead to certification to teach or supervise in the public schools of Pennsylvania.