PRP 3506 - Class Attendance

PRP 3506 - Class Attendance

Issued by: James Mackin, Ph.D.,

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: Fall 2008

Notes: Approved by BUCC April 5, 1989. Revised by BUCC November 28, 2007. Reported to University Forum January 30, 2008 for information purposes only.

Prior version of this policy

Regular classroom attendance is expected of all students. However, a student will be afforded reasonable assistance by a faculty member when class work is missed as a result of extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, such as but not limited to:

1. Personal illness.

2. Death or critical illness in the immediate family.

3. Participation in a university-sponsored activity.

4. Participation in a short-term, obligatory military or military reserve activity.

Instructors may request the student to provide official documentation to verify the reasons for the absence.

Arrangements for assistance must be made by the student with the instructor as soon as the need for an absence is known. The instructor is not required to give makeup examinations or review other class work missed as a result of unauthorized absences.

A faculty member, with departmental approval, may adopt a reasonable alternative policy if class members are provided that policy in writing during the first week of classes.