PRP 3434 - Prior Version

PRP 3434 - Prior Version

Issued by: Wilson G. Bradshaw, Vice President and Provost for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: Fall 1995

Notes: Approved by Faculty Senate, May 6, 1971. Amended by the Representative Assembly, December 10, 1979. Amended at BUCC 4/26/95. Presented at the University Forum September 20, 1995.

A student may change his/her semester/summer session schedule prior to the close of the fifth/third day of the semester/summer session. The consent of the advisor is not prerequisite to a change of an undegraduate schedule. Changes are subject to available space in classes to which the student proposes to transfer.

Schedule changes for all students in the Department of Developmental Instruction, with fewer than 32 earned credits require the approval of Department of Developmental Instruction. Schedule changes for students on academic probation, reinstatement, and minimal academic progress require the approval of the academic advisor.