PRP 3361 - Prior Version

PRP 3361 - Prior Version

Issued by: Wilson G. Bradshaw, Provost and VPAA

Effective Date: Fall 1998

Notes: Approved at BUCC 11/19/97. Presented to University Forum 2/11/98 for information purposes only.

Academic renewal is a means to allow certain students who have been dismissed from the University to return and not be unduly encumbered by their prior academic record. Academic renewal allows students to have their courses prior to dismissal treated as transfer credits.

An undergraduate student who wishes to apply for academic renewal must meet the following criteria:

1. He or she must have been academically dismissed from the University.

2. He or she must not have been enrolled at the University as a degree student for five or more calendar years.

3. He or she must have been readmitted to the University as a degree student.

An application for academic renewal may be made at the time of readmission and must be completed before the mid-term day of the first semester of attendance after readmission as a degree student. This procedure is not automatic; it must be initiated by the student. It is the advisor's or chair's responsibility to ensure applicants' eligibility for academic renewal as well as its advisability. Academic renewal is done in consultation with the student's academic department and requires the Dean of the College's approval.

Students who have been granted academic renewal have all courses taken prior to academic dismissal treated as follows. Those courses in which a grade of C (2.0) or better were earned and are approved by the academic department are treated as transfer credits for degree completion and not used in computing students' quality point average. Those courses which are not approved or in which a grade of C- or less was earned are not used for degree completion. Students who have been granted academic renewal will have their quality point average computed on the basis of all courses taken after dismissal.

Students who have been granted academic renewal are permitted four course repeats after readmission.

Students who have been granted academic renewal are subject to the academic retention standards that apply to first semester transfer students. If academically dismissed a second time, a renewal student may not attend the university for additional degree or non-degree credit study.

The transcripts of students who have been granted academic renewal will have all courses and grades listed. Courses set aside under the academic renewal will be identified.

A student may be granted academic renewal only once. Once granted, its conditions cannot be altered.