PRP 3343 - Evaluation of Transfer Credits

PRP 3343 - Evaluation of Transfer Credits

ISSUED BY: James Mackin, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


NOTES: Approved by the Faculty Senate, May 12, 1971. Amended by BUCC 4/12/95. Presented to the University Forum 4/19/95. Amended by BUCC 2/2/00. Presented to the University Forum 2/9/00. Amended by BUCC 1/28/04. Reported to the University Forum 2/4/04. Amended by BUCC 11/8/06. Reported to the University Forum 11/15/06.

Credit by Transfer

Transfer students:
Evaluation of credit earned at other institutions for transfer students is recommended by the Admissions office with final approval by the department chairperson. Credits for acceptable courses transfer. Grades, quality points, and grade point averages do not transfer.

College level courses completed with a grade of C (2.0/4.0) or above from a two-year or four-year institution, accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies, are usually transferred for a degree student. With the exception of courses covered by the State System of Higher Education Academic Passport Policy, courses taken with a grade of less than C (2.0/4.0) will not transfer to Bloomsburg University.

Transfer credit will be deleted if the student subsequently registers for courses which substantially duplicate the content of courses accepted for transfer.

When the substitution of transfer credit for a required course is in question because the course was taken in an unaccredited institution or because the description of standards of the course is unclear, a student is entitled to an opportunity to validate the course by examination.

Correspondence courses are subject to acceptance to a total that does not exceed fifteen semester hours if taken from a college or university accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies and acceptable by that institution toward graduation in a baccalaureate degree curriculum.

Courses taken in another institution on a pass-fail basis are acceptable for transfer as free electives, if they conform to the conditions for such grades at Bloomsburg University. (See Policy 3454)

Enrolled Students:
Degree students of Bloomsburg University may take courses in other accredited institutions and submit the credit for transfer, provided the courses satisfy the criteria stated above. (See Policy 3604 concerning Graduation Requirements).

Credit by Advanced Placement Examinations:

The University may award credit for Advanced Placement Exams (AP exams) upon receipt of verification of a score of 3, 4, or 5 by the Office of the Registrar. Evaluation of the AP score and the appropriate credit level and course equivalency, if any, will be determined by departmental policy.

Credit by CLEP Examinations:

The University will award credit for CLEP Examinations upon receipt of verification of a score at or above the 50th percentile by the Office of the Registrar. CLEP General Examinations must be taken before matriculating to Bloomsburg University. CLEP Subject examinations may be taken anytime prior to graduation. Acceptance of credit for CLEP Examinations is subject to departmental approval. The decision for granting credit resides with the departmental chairperson.

Credit for Military Experience:

Bloomsburg University may award college credit for educational experiences of students earned while serving in the armed forces of the United States. The registrar makes a recommendation to the chairperson of the student's departmental major based upon the American Council on Education's Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces. Recommendations are made provided the credit applies to the student's degree program. The decision for granting credit resides with the departmental chairperson.

The University will transfer two credits in Physical Fitness 05-100 for completing basic training in the armed forces of the United States.

Appeals Process

If a student disagrees with the evaluation of transfer credits, the student may follow the following appeal process:

The appeal must be submitted on the appeal form (available at the registrar's office) to the Chairperson of the department in which the student is a major.

The appeal must set forth:

a. the specific transfer course(s) that are being questioned;
b. the Bloomsburg University course(s) that the student believes are equivalent; and
c. supporting documentation (course descriptions, syllabi, etc.)

The department chairperson, while classes are in session, will make a determination within two weeks of receipt of the appeal and inform the student.

The student may further appeal a negative decision to the dean of his or her college. The decision of the dean is final.