Required Format for Course Syllabi for BUCC Approval (old version)

Required Format for Course Syllabi for BUCC Approval (old version)

Issued by: Dr. Carol J. Matteson, Interim Provost and V.P. for Academic Affairs

Effective Date: August 28, 1995

Notes: Amended by the Bloomsburg University Curriculum Committee November 14, 1990. Presented as an information item to the University Forum January 30, 1991. Amended by BUCC 4/12/95. Presented to the University Forum 4/19/95

Include in your syllabus items one through 14 using as much space as needed.

  1. Date Prepared:
  2. Prepared by:
  3. Department:
  4. Course Numbers: (Refer to PRP #3224 Guidelines for Course Numbering System)
  5. Course Title:
  6. Credit Hours:
  7. Prerequisites:
  8. Catalog Description: (Paragraph should reflect general aims and nature of the course)
  9. Goals And/Or Objectives: (May be general goals, specific objectives, behavioral objectives, or other indications of the aims of the course)
  10.   Content Outline:
  11.   Methods: (Suggested approximate class size)
  12.   Evaluation Procedures: (Refer to PRP #3264 Student Course Requirements and Progress Information)
  13. &nsbp; Supporting Materials: (References for student use. Style of entry should follow a manual such as Turabian, MLA, APA, or the accepted guide in a specific discipline)
  14. &hnbsp; Text: (Include author, title, publisher, date of publication, and an indication of whether or not the text is required)

Original syllabus shall be on file in the department and in the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.