PRP 2450 - Use of University Property and Facilities

PRP 2450 - Use of University Property and Facilities

Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, Vice President for Adminisstration

Effective Date: September 9, 1988

I. Policy - Use Of University Areas And Facilities

A. Uncontrolled exploitation of campus areas and facilities is prohibited at the university.

B. Controlled noncommercial and commercial use of campus areas and facilities is allowed for purposes other than budgeted instruction, research and service activites, provided that such use contributes to the purposes of the university to more than an incidental degree and is not in competition with university programs.

C. "Controlled use" is defined as a use which complies with university rules and charge schedules. A use which contributes to the "purpose of the university" is defined as a use which advances educational, community or Commonwealth interests.

D. Initial determinations of whether proposed uses of university areas and facilities meet the above criteria will be made by the university facilities administrators who have been delegated responsibility for managing specific campus areas and facilities in accordance with university rules and other written administrative directives.

E. Applicants who are not satisfied with determination made by persons responsible for administering campus areas and facilities may appeal such determinations to the Vice President for Administration.

F. Determinations made by the Vice President for Administration as to the suitability of a proposed use of campus areas and facilities or user classifications shall be final, except insofar as requesting party alleges that determinations for use of facilities made by the Vice President violated rules, or state or federal law. Persons making such allegations may appeal the decision of the Vice President to the President of the university.

G. Due to the need to allow adequate time for university departments to schedule their Fall and Spring Semester programs, it will not be possible to commit to non-university users until May 15 each calendar year. G. The university guarantees the use of facilities for outside groups for no longer than five consecutive days. Any outside group wishing to use facilities for longer than five days may do so on the following basis:

  • (1) The university may cancel previously reserved space with sixty days notice prior to use.
  • (2) The university may also reassign space reservations to other facilities on campus.
  • (3) The outside group must also specify which five days are most important so that particular time span is not interrupted. Reassignment or cancellation of space may be based upon the needs of university programs, maintenance and repair requirements, inadequate staffing or other reasons related to the orderly conduct of the university. The university may refuse use of facilities to applicants based upon lack of suitable facilities, current or previous failure of the applicant to abide by the terms and conditions of facilities use, or lack of substantial contribution of the proposed activity to the mission and purposes of the university

II. Procedures

A. The Vice President for Administration may delegate to university employees responsibility for administration of this policy.

B. In general, priority for the use of areas and facilities will be given to those users and activities that advance the purpose of the university to the greatest degree. Scheduled instruction, research and service activities provided in the university budget shall have first priority for use of academic facilities. Student generated activities have first priority for use of facilities which are designated primarily for student use.


  • (1) University facilities administrators may approve requests from university and direct support organizations. Notification of such approved requests will be forwarded to the Vice President on a weekly basis.
  • (2) University facilities administrators may tentatively reserve facilities requested by organizations and individuals outside the university. After a tentative reservation has been made, each request that is recommended for approval will be forwarded to the Vice President for Administration on the Facilities Use Contract (attachment 1). University facilities administrators will not forward requests to the Vice President for Administration if the facility is not available, or if the request does not meet the requirements outlined in this policy.

D. Payments for the use of facilities are to be made to Bloomsburg University and will be deposited in university accounts according to standard business procedures. Payments for use of facilities by individuals and organizations outside of the university will normally be made in advance of such use.

E. No group should make assumptions related to space usage until a document is received from the university in that regard.

III. Schedule Of Costs

In consultation with the Director of Physical Plant and other appropriate university personnel, the Vice President for Administration will prepare schedules of costs to be charged for use of facilities (attachment)

IV. Special Provisions

A. Campus Law Enforcement is responsible for security and traffic control on campus. Where it is determined that the university does not have sufficient resources to support an event, the university may call upon outside sources.

B. The unregulated use of unsafe items, materials and processes is prohibited, including but not limited to firearms, aircraft, vehicles, explosive devices, mechanical or electrical power devices, parachutes, potentially dangerous animals and other items, materials and processes potentially injurious to life or property, or disruptive to the essential operations of the university.

C. Bloomsburg University will continue to host special events such as playoff games and tournaments at its sports complex, provided that such activities do not conflict with university programs, intramural and recreation activities. However, due to the high utilization of facilities by the student body, Bloomsburg University will not be able to sustain unlimited seasonal use of its facilities by non-campus organizations.