PRP 0101 - Policies, Rules, and Procedures (PRPs) Issuing Procedures

PRP 0101 - Policies, Rules, and Procedures (PRPs) Issuing Procedures

Issued by: Jessica S. Kozloff, President

Effective Date: 3/22/95

Notes: Replaces PRP #0101, 0102, 0103 dated 8/24/81; Cabinet Concurrence 7/9/94; GAC 10/27/94; Revised by GAC 2/16/95; Approved by Forum 3/22/95; Revised 2/22/01.

It is the policy of Bloomsburg University that all policies, insofar as it is practicable, shall be clearly set forth in writing and shall be systematically codified on a web page linked to the University web site.

A policy is defined as a long-term commitment of the university to a particular pattern of activity or practice.

Rules and procedures are ordinarily based on existing policies. However, whenever a rule or procedure is not clearly based on an existing policy it must be presented as a PRP and made part of the codified web page.

Each issuance shall bear the heading, "Policies, Rules, and Procedures" and may be referred to as a "PRP." The codified web page shall be called "The Policies, Rules, and Procedures Index" and may be referred to as "the PRP Index." All PRPs shall be issued on the basis of a prescribed format and prescribed procedures. The format shall be determined by the Office of the President and shall be the format used for the issuance number 0101. Each PRP will be numbered according to a subject matter classification by University division.

The procedure for issuing PRPs shall be determined by the Office of the President. Generally, PRPs are created and revised as needed by the President and/or the Vice Presidents working through the subcommittees of the Forum. However, a request for a new or revised PRP may come to the Secretariat from anyone in the University community. Secretariat would then either forward that request to the appropriate party or create a taskforce to create or revise an appropriate PRP.

Draft PRPs will be placed with the Secretariat for Forum consideration before finalization. All draft PRPs should contain all the information required by the format. After consideration by the Forum, the PRP will be forwarded to the President's office by the Chair of the Forum. The PRP must then be authorized by the President or that person's designee, currently limited to all full Vice Presidents of the University.

Presidential/Vice-Presidential prerogatives to issue policies before appropriate review as provided for in the governance document will be exercised only in special circumstances including but not limited to the health and welfare of the university community; court, legislative, regulatory or Board of Governors mandates; advice of legal council; university liability; or contractual issues. Interim PRPs may be adopted to handle these situations in consultation with the Forum chair and constituency leaders. An interim PRP shall be placed with the Secretariat within the next 10 working days of the regular (fall/spring) semester for consideration by the Forum. An interim PRP must be reviewed and acted upon by the Forum by the end of the next regular semester.

All organizational units of the university may publicly access the PRP Index through the University web site.

The Office of the President will be responsible for posting PRPs to the University's PRP Index. The Office of the President will annually verify that the PRP Index contains only those PRPs currently in force. In addition, the Office of the President and the University Library will have on file one complete current set of PRPs in paper copy.