PLP Housing (Living and Learning Community)

PLP Housing (Living and Learning Community)

PLP Housing

Campus Living — Your home away from home!

Our Living and Learning Community got its start in 1998. PLP is the second oldest living and learning community on campus.

Traditionally, PLP students lived on the first floor of Schuylkill Hall. This residence hall was originally chosen to host the PLP students because of its proximity to Carver Hall, where the President's Office is located.

In 2010, we transitioned PLP housing to Luzerne Hall (current location) to become part of the Living and Learning corridor at Luzerne, Northumberland and Columbia halls. Beginning in Fall 2015, our new location will be Northumberland Hall.

PLP members are both welcome and encouraged to live in the PLP Community all four years. Having upperclass PLP members around to ask questions of, is invaluable to our new members.

What past PLP members say ...

"While living in Luzerne, I heard classmates from other dorms talking about how they hated their roommate, or how their neighbors were extremely rude. And that shocked me. I was used to everyone on the floor hanging out, ordering pizza ands watching movies together. All of us had similar goals and we bonded over them, creating lasting friendships that I don't know what I would do without."

— Renee Risaliti, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2014

"Being a part of the Presidential Leadership Program and living on the LLC floor are two of the best decisions I have made of my Bloomsburg career. I immediately gained a great group of friends on move-in day, many of which are some of my best friends today. PLP has helped build my confidence, gain a sense of belonging, and overall strengthen my commitment to the university - encouraging me to become greatly involved. I can honestly and proudly say that PLP has pushed and challenged me to become the person that I am today. "

— Kristi Viscardo, Middle Level Language Arts Education, Class of 2014

"Living in the Presidential Leadership Program's LLC was the right choice for me because it was easy to make friends with people who have common work ethics and goals. I liked living in the PLP LLC so much that I chose to stay in the dorms for a second year. Now in my junior year of college I live in on upper campus with 5 great friends that I met as a freshmen in the LLC."

— Lauren Erdman, Class of 2014

"Deciding to live in the PLP housing was a great choice. I was worried about living away from home with an unfamiliar roommate. By living with other PLP members we all shared similar interests and got along really well. It was so nice to be able to just walk next door and talk about upcoming PLP events or our shared classes. I've made long-term friends through PLP and by living together, we've grown really close together."

— Elaine Tierney, Speech Pathology, Class of 2013

"As an incoming freshman, I knew adjusting to life in the dorms would be one of the hardest parts of college life. What if I didn't like my roommate? What if all of the girls on the floor were mean? What if I couldn't make friends? If you have these concerns like I did, then consider joining PLP. You can be confident that your roommate and your dormmates are fun, committed students. You will have multiple opportunities to participate in activities with your dormmates and they will quickly become your friends!"

— Lea Roselli, Anthropology, Class of 2013

"I am a PLP member. However, I do not live in the PLP LLC; I live in the Honors LLC. Either way, living in an LLC is a great way to meet people just like you. They tend to have the same goals or ideas as you and share many of the same interests. The LLC I currently live in is just like a family, which has been great for my first time living on my own. I would recommend living in an LLC to any person. It can be truly beneficial to your college career."

— Heather Hamilton, Interpreter Training / Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Class of 2013

"Being in the Presidential Leadership Program gives me a sense of belonging. Being surrounded by such inspirational people makes me feel like I am part of a truly bright future."

— Natalie Wagner, Mass Communication, Class of 2013

"Being a part of PLP is the best thing to happen so far in college. Living on the PLP floor is a great experience. The other members are some of my best friends here at Bloomsburg. It is awesome to live and hangout with people who share the same goals and ideas about life that you do. We are constantly laughing and having fun, but we also push each other to be the best students and leaders that we can be."

— Jennifer "Jenna" Hludzik, Biology, Class of 2013

"Honestly, when I first head of PLP I thought of some "nerdy" club where people get straight A's, study all the time, and don't go out much. I was a little hesitant at first, not sure of what to expect. However, after I arrived at Bloomsburg, met some of the people in the club, and participated in the activities, I realized my assumptions were completely wrong. We all have a lot in common and are not "nerdy" at all. These people, even the upperclassmen, are becoming my greatest friends at Bloomsburg. We have become a tight-knit group and everyone seems to support and trust each other. The activities we do, like snow tubing are a lot of fun and even the community service events are fun because we do it together. Outside of club events we hang out as well and have a good time. The friendships that I have made will last a lot longer than college. Joining PLP was the best decision I made as a freshman."

— Bryan Poepperling, Secondary Education Citizenship/History, Class of 2013

"Motivated students should be given the opportunity to practice and develop their leadershp skills, and PLP provides that chance. This great organization prepares students for the future by allowing them to work as a team on campus and in the community. It is a great way to meet people, learn a lot, and give back. Throughout my first year of college and living on campus, I found the Presidential Leadership Program not only a great way to meet new people, but have good times, too. By being a member we are given the chance to participate n many activities including banquets, shows and games. It is also a great way to get involved with the community by providing services to different organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Danville State. Furthermore, by being a member of this club, we are given the opportunity to live on the first floor of Schuylkill Hall, where I lived my first year. It is an excellent way to get to know PLP members and also appreciate the quiet hours in the dorm. As you will see, most of the students, especially in PLP, are more focused on their studies, and the floor tends to be less rowdy and better for getting word done. I am very glad to be living on this floor as a member of PLP and I can't wait for next year. "

— David Flynn, Speech Pathology/Audiology, Class of 2009

“I think living on the PLP wing was a great experience for my first year. Everyone on the wing gets along really well. Everyone was really helpful in classes, and it was fun meeting new people. I definitely think people should jump on the opportunity to live on this wing.”

— Anne Stefurksy, Special Education, Class of 2007

“The thought of living away from home was scary enough, not to mention living in the dorms with other people. I was nervous about getting a good roommate and what it would be like to live with so many different people. Opting to live on the PLP floor was the best decision I have made. From the first day, my roommate, who is also in the PLP, and I had something in common, which helped ease the tension between us. We have become best friends and it is helpful to live on the PLP floor since you have a closer bond with people, as you share common interests and activities.”

— Jen Bosset, Political Science, Class of 2006

“Living in the PLP wing is certainly an experience worth enjoying. Not only does it provide the opportunity to live with some of the most motivated people at Bloomsburg, but it gives the chance to meet people who are not afraid to kick back, relax and just hang out. There is a camaraderie here that seems to be lacking in the halls that some of my other friends live in. For me, that was the most important part—the ease of making connections allowed for a much smoother transition into what might have been an overwhelming environment.”

— Brent Will, History & Political Science, Class of 2006

“The first floor is great since all PLP members become good friends.”

— Chuck Kanian, Social Work, Class of 2005