PLP Community Service

PLP Community Service

Center for Leadership and Engagement ... offers the Activities and Involvement Fair, the Leadership Certification program, community service volunteerism opportunities, the Co-Curricular transcript for students to document their learning experiences and enhance their professional portfolios as well as training and support for the 270-plus student organizations and clubs that are active on campus.

Camp Victory ... PLP members bond and work together with Camp Spifida participants. We sit around the campfire, sing songs, play games, create crafts, hike the property, eat meals, play athletic games, sing karaoke, and more. This weekend includes time just for PLP members to enjoy their own workshop on communication styles, confict resolution and teamwork.

Dollar Dinner Night ... We gather at the Newman House, run by Catholic Campus Ministry, to prepare and serve a meal. It's called "Dollar Dinner" because that's what people pay to eat the meal.

Geisinger Children's Hospital ... About ten students from PLP go to the children's wing at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA to spend time with ill children playing games, coloring and making crafts.

Danville State Hospital ... PLP members visit the residents of the hospital, talk with them, keep them company, and participate in dances and/or craft nights.

Ronald McDonald House ... We visit families in residence at the Ronald McDonald House in Danville, PA just outside Geisinger Medical Center to provide meals and clean as needed.

EOS Theraputic Riding Center ... We spend time with ill children assisting them in riding horses.