PLP Calendar of Events

PLP Calendar of Events

PLP Workshops

Team Building ... this workshop is held at the beginning of the academic year and allows new PLP members to get to know each other as you work together to complete a series of tasks. Only by compromise and cooperation can your goals be accomplished efficiently, an important lesson which has many applications in everyday activities.

Resume Writing ... guest speakers from BU's Career Development Office teach us about writing effective, succinct resumes. An excellent workshop for any year in school.

Interviewing Skills ... guest speakers instruct us on proper interview techniques, posture, presence, and a host of other interesting things to help you stand out in the interview process. Whether you're seeking a summer job or your first job after college, this is the workshop for you!

Developing Communication Skills ... this skill set is developed through group workshops run by communication experts. They not only help you to further develop your personal communication style, but also the overall communication of the group.

Annual PLP Events

Receptions at the University President's Home ... Each fall and spring semester PLP has the opportunity to meet and speak with Bloomsburg University's President. PLP members are welcomed into the President's home, Buckalew Place, for a reception with refreshments. It is here that the PLPs talk about issues on campus that are important to members and the student body at large. The President, in turn, also brings up topics of interest to the administration to solicit student feedback from this group.

President's Lecture Series ... a monthly discussion with one member of the President's Cabinet (President, Vice Presidents, etc) about leadership.

Theatre Show ... in addition to other social events, PLP members annually organize a trip to a theatre production. Recent locations include: the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble (BTE), the Theatre District in New York City, and The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre in Lancaster.

Campus Thanksgiving Dinner ... the week before Thanksgiving break, campus dining offers a special Campus Thanksgiving Dinner. Traditionally, PLP members reserve 1-2 tables of ten and enjoy a relaxing family-style meal together before heading home for the holidays.

Annual LLC Academic Achievement Reception ... In the spring semester each year all Living-Learning Community (LLC) students who earned an overall 3.0 or higher GPA during the previous Fall semester are recognized by the University during an annual reception.

Nominations, Platforms and Election ... Toward the end of spring semester, PLP students running for office present speeches at a special meeting to share how they intend to apply their leadership skills to the program. Members vote at the last meeting in April and next year's officers are announced at the end-of-year banquet.

End of Year Banquet ... Each year at the end of April, a committee of PLP members organizes the End of Year Banquet at a local restaurant. This provides one last opportunity for PLP members to convene before heading out for the summer. Next year's officers are announced and graduating seniors are recognized and presented a token of PLP's appreciate for their years of service to the campus and surrounding communities. Members who've attained a 4.0 overall GPA receive a PLP Pin from the University President at this banquet.