Presidential Leadership Program

Our mission at the Bloomsburg University Presidential Leadership Program is to recruit and retain exceptionally talented and highly motivated students by providing an enhanced, interdisciplinary educational experience, which will drive professional and personal achievement. Additionally, the Bloomsburg University Presidential Leadership Program anticipates greatly improving both the institution’s culture and that of the local community. The Presidential Leadership Program offers its members enhanced engagement opportunities focused on three main categories: Leadership and Professional Development, Community Engagement, and Social Integration. As a program within the Center for Leadership and Engagement, it is designed to provide students with opportunities to further develop leadership skills and promote a sense of community. This is done by engaging students in active learning that empowers them to "practice what we preach" as a university.

Through PLP, students ...

  • Develop and articulate their own leadership style and potential
  • Think critically about real-world problems
  • Reflect on the importance of what it means to be civically engaged
  • Develop and foster a rich and supportive sense of community, on and off campus
  • Develop and utilize problem-solving strategies
  • Engage on campus and in the community through meaningful service
  • Enhance their communication and career planning skills

In 1996, the Bloomsburg University Foundation began funding 25 scholarships for freshmen who were acknowledged leaders in high schools and in their communities. PLP students incorporate four facets of involvement throughout the academic year to include:

  • events with the University President
  • monthly community service projects
  • monthly FUN activities
  • monthly educational workshops

PLP provides an integrated, sequenced set of programs to assist students in continuing their own leadership development. Each role or activity
builds on the previous year, so students can anticipate something new and exciting as well as more challenging opportunities for personal growth. Annual service projects provide PLP members with opportunities to put their learning into practice as they reach out to help others.