Vehicle Registration

Unpaid Citations and Parking Holds

Don’t forget to pay your parking tickets. Please go to to pay your parking tickets. Three (3) unpaid parking citations will result in your vehicle being booted and possibly towed. A boot removal fee of $25 will be assessed. All citations must be paid before the immobilizing device is removed.

Any student with citations, which have not been paid by November 30, 2018 will have a HOLD placed on their student account. If a hold is placed on your student account, classes may not be scheduled, transcripts may not be received, and you may not apply for a parking decal. Should you have a citation you wish to pay which has resulted in a hold on your account, please contact Terri Meter at 570-389-5307, Lisa Drumm at 570-389-4768 or Sue Snyder at 570-389-4949.

Spring 2019 Registration

Online vehicle registration will begin on December 10, 2018 for parking permits for commuters and residents for the fall sessions. Please apply through Select "Buy Permits" and follow the on screen steps to begin the registration process. Each student is responsible to pay $3.50 shipping and handling fee when prompted during the ordering process.

ATTENTION! - Beginning Spring 2019, the location of the purple lots will be adjusted. There will be 300 available PURPLE decal spots on lower campus. Once those spots are filled, students with 59 credits or less will be issued ORANGE decals for the ORANGE lot on upper campus.