Parking at Bloomsburg University

Parking at Bloomsburg University


Upper Campus Parking

Parking Administration

University Police
Location: Rear of Andruss Library
Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Guide to Parking on Campus

Call boxes on campus are direct connections to University Police. They are recognizable by a blue light atop posts on which phones are installed.

Motor vehicle parking on Bloomsburg University's campus is regulated and strictly enforced by university police. Motorists are strongly encouraged to park in appropriate locations, obtain necessary permits, and follow posted rules to avoid almost certain parking citations and fines.

Bloomsburg University police are like any municipal police force and traffic tickets carry the same weight as anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Parking areas at a glance

University parking is organized to provide an adequate number of spaces for

  • Currently enrolled students who register a motor vehicle with BU police.
  • University faculty and staff who register a motor vehicle with BU police.
  • Parking for visitors who obtain a temporary parking hangtag, including specially designated areas for admissions and university clinics.
  • Parking for special events, including intercollegiate athletics.
  • Parking for persons with disabilities. Vehicles require the typical handicapped parking identification to be displayed.
  • Temporary short-term metered parking in several areas.

Parking legally on campus

  • Visitors must obtain a short-term parking pass. These may be obtained at University Police, located near the Andruss Library. Visitors to the Admissions Office, Athletic Department, Speech and Hearing Clinic, or the Reading Center, can obtain a visitor permit from those departments for their special visitor areas.
  • Students parking cars on campus must register vehicles with university police. As appropriate, they will be allowed to park in specific lots, including commuters and occupants of residence halls and apartment complexes. Off-campus students living nearby may not necessarily be able to obtain commuter parking permission.
  • Faculty and staff must register vehicles with university police to obtain a faculty-staff (red) hangtag that allows them to park in faculty-staff lots.
  • Special events parking, including athletic events, is in specifically identified areas. Designated parking lots for sports activities are found on upper campus near the athletic facilities; parking on grassy areas is prohibited. Visitors should always follow directions of University Police for special events parking, especially on lower campus.

Special Events Parking Request Form