Olivia Bertram, OWL historian

Hi my name is Olivia Bertram and I am the co-historian of the OWLS! I am a nursing major. I am from Coatesville, PA and went to Bishop Shanahan High School! I am an only child so I am VERY close to my parents, they’re my best friends. I am a cat lady and love my two cats, Milo and Mia. My favorite place in the world is Long Beach Island, New Jersey!

My favorite hobbies are drawing and taking pictures! I am also a huge music fan and love going to concerts (I’ve been to too many to count)! Someday I hope to be a nurse practitioner and travel around the world! Joining OWLS has not only given me so many lifelong friends, but has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me who I am today!

OWL Olivia Bertram

Why I Chose Bloom

I choose BU for many reasons! The nursing program here is very well known and last year they had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX exam. The faculty really go above and beyond to help you and truly want to watch you succeed. Another reason I choose BU was for the gorgeous campus. I visited many schools, and BU by far had the most beautiful campus. Lastly, I choose BU because when I visited I had the feeling that I belonged. The people were so helpful and friendly, and went out of their way to ensure I had a good experience here. I left BU after visiting for the first time and told my parents I could really envision myself spending the next four years of my life here!

Fav thing about orientation

My favorite part about orientation was watching people open up and really feel at home at Bloomsburg! Having been a shy person when I first came to BU I loved watching people meet friends and put their fears they had about coming to college aside. I also loved moving in first years! Welcoming people as they drove up to their residence halls and helping them unpack their cars really made me smile and be proud of what we do as OWLS!

What I wish I knew as a high school senior

As a high school senior I thought that I would have a hard time finding a good group of friends but I was so wrong! I don’t necessarily call myself shy, but it does take some getting used to things for me to feel comfortable. I wish I knew that all I had to do was be myself. I can honestly say that I met my best friends in the first week of college simply by introducing myself and being myself. There is a place in college for everyone to fit in. Just say hi! Who knows you may have just introduced yourself to your best friend!

If you ever have any questions let me know I’d love to help you! I hope you fall in love with Bloomsburg just like I did!

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