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Bloomsburg University holds "No Hate Week" for third year

Bloomsburg University is holding its third annual "No Hate Week," hoping to increase awareness of the different cultures on and around campus. No Hate Week can be summed up in three simple words: "Unity, love, and respect," said James Clark of the Student Planning Committee. "With those three things you can accomplish anything.

The theme of this year's No Hate Week is 'love for the culture' after organizers recognized all of the crime and violence that has gone on in our country in the past year. "With all the shootings in Virginia, Texas, Vegas, that is a part of the world changing," said Marcei Woods, the cultural affairs coordinator.

"We kind of noticed a lot of hate speech between students, and not just the students, but when you go in the town you kind of just get that negative feeling when you walk around," says Vincent Phan, founder of No Hate Week. Now, they want to bring everyone together. ̶ WBRE/WYOU TV-News


No Hate Week

"Pop-Up" Playground teaches kids to think inside the box

Taking a step back from technology and enjoying the simple things in life, that's what kids got to do at Bloomsburg University. College students hosted the "Pop-Up Adventure Playground" for kids in the community, allowing them to get creative with boxes.

Some kids made forts, hats and even cars. The kids were also given chalk and crayons to spruce up their creations. Lily Frost, of the Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society, said "It's all about inquiry learning, in the age of iPads and iPhones all the time we wanted to open up the place for kids to free play and just do their thing, be a kid again."

All the materials for the Pop Up Playground were donated by community businesses. The event was free for children in the area. ̶ WBRE/WYOU TV-News


Pop Up Playground

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