Programs of Study

Programs of Study

The Music Division offers a Bachelor's or Arts in Music.  There are three concentration tracks* from which to choose. 

*All tracks require an audition for acceptance into the program.


  • Music Education - This track of the major, Music Education Certification K-12, develops musical skills through courses in music theory, music history, applied study, and performing ensembles.  This track provides ample opportunity for students to participate in experiential studies through observations and teaching in local schools throughout their studies.  The degree leads to Pennsylvania public school certification.  A Bachelor's of Arts in Music and PA Certification in four years!
  • Audio/Video Recording - designed for musicians with a career interest in the technical aspects of studio sound recording and/or sound reinforcement in either "live" applications or in recording studio.  It provides sound equipment for hands-on use, and internship experiences in the field.  Our modern audio recording studio is updated on a regular basis to provide real-world applications and equipment.

    • *NEW* this year is the Fast Track Music MBA. Earn your B.A. in Music and a Master of Business Administration in as little as five years!

  • Liberal Arts - Is it musical performance, theory, composition or history that excites you?  Designed as a general music track to suit a multitude of career interests, the program is tailored to suit your needs.  Music facilities for all include faculty studios, classrooms, music libraries, a new innovative music lab using a computer/keyboard/software combination for music theory composition, and two performance venues. 

Interested in a Music Minor?

Contact the Music Division for more information on how to declare a minor ... 570-389-4284