Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors

The MIS Major is in moratorium; no new students are being admitted.

Management Information Systems (B.S.B.A.)

No new majors are being accepted into this degree program.

The B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems administered through the Department of Management Information Systems and Computer Information Systems offers a solid program in the use of technology for managerial applications and in the design and development of information systems for deployment in different functional areas of business. It offers a blend of theory and practice, technical knowledge and business knowledge. It requires these majors to take the business core.

The BSBA in MIS features two tracks---Managerial Applications, and Systems Design and Development---and a thoroughly updated curriculum to reflect a migration of emphasis from coding and programming to managerial applications and systems design and development.

  • The Managerial Applications track focuses on solving strategic and operational business problems.
  • The Systems Design and Development track addresses the design and development information systems.

The Management Information Systems major provides undergraduate students with an enhanced understanding of information systems backed with a solid foundation of business knowledge. Students in this major learn the tools necessary to work with information technology to manage the business information asset. The major provides an excellent grounding in information systems practices in use today.

Computer and Information Science (B.S.)

No new majors are being accepted into this degree program.

The CIS curriculum prepares students in the development, operation and maintenance of computer-based information systems for the business environment. The program's focus centers on commercial software and hardware with an emphasis on problem solving, system analysis and design, data management, data communications and software development within a commercial context.

CIS has a strong technical emphasis. While students are required to take courses in economics, accounting and other areas of business, the majority of the required coursework is in computer and information science. Students work in a variety of environments including networked micro-computers and workstations, multiuser minicomputers and mainframes. The program prepares business students for positions such as: application programmer, programmer-analyst, systems analyst, data base administrator and information specialist.

Students enrolled in this program enjoy use of a dedicated computer lab with current technology on a mainframe computer of sufficient size to operate a medium-sized corporation.

Minor in Computer and Information Systems

The minor in Computer and Information Systems is designed to provide students majoring in non-computer disciplines with a background in computer and information systems. The program will enable students to develop a strong foundation in information systems, particularly in the areas of programming and systems analysis and design. Information technology is critical to the success of the modern business. Today, businesses are looking for individuals with multiple skills: knowledge of marketing, finance, economics, biology, chemistry, but who aso understand information technology. A minor in CIS will enhance career opportunities for Bloomsburg University graduates.