K-12 Online Instruction Endorsement Program

K-12 Online Instruction Endorsement Program

Online Endorsement Program

Raymond S. Pastore, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
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In addition to earning the endorsement, students at the undergraduate level can complete requirements for the Educational Technology minor for an extra 3 credits.

This is due to the fact that although the Educational Technology minor is 18 credits, 12 of the credits from the endorsement program can be applied towards the minor as well as 3 of the credits from the Educational Technology courses required for all Education majors (Education Technology or Technology for Individuals with Disabilities).

  • The FIRST course in the sequence of the 12 credits for the endorsement program will be offered online during the second six weeks of this summer.
  • The second course will be offered during the fall term and the third course during the winter term.
  • The fourth course will be offered during student teaching as a field experience course. Inservice teachers who enroll in the program can integrate the field experience course into their teaching positions and alternative arrangements will be made for substitute teachers.

This cycle will be repeated beginning in the summer of 2016 although there may be some variation in what course will be offered and when depending on enrollment.

Undergraduate FAQ | Graduate FAQ

As the number of online courses and programs being offered by the K to 12 schools continues to increase at a rapid rate, there is very little or no training of persons teaching online courses.

In June 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Education approved an online teaching endorsement program to improve the quality of online instruction in the K to 12 schools. In the past year, we have been working on this program and are in the process of getting the program approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The K to 12 Online Teaching Endorsement Program will consist of 12 credits and will be offered to both undergraduates and graduates. Although students in any major may complete the program, the endorsement can only be given to persons who will either earn or hold a Level I or Level II teaching certificate.

This online endorsement program will prepare candidates to plan, design and provide instruction through online methods to K-12 students. Although some colleges and universities offer similar programs at the graduate level, our program will be the first to prepare BOTH undergraduate and graduate students.

Please note that an endorsement is NOT a teaching certification, however, it will be listed on your teaching certificate. The implication is that you have had formal instruction and training in the planning, design, development and delivery of online instruction for K to 12 students.

What's an endorsement program?

Following approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, baccalaureate or graduate degree granting institutions, alone, or in cooperation with other institutions, community colleges or school entities, may offer short programs (12 credits maximum) that lead to the Program Endorsement.

The Program Endorsement documents knowledge in new and emerging areas where formal certification does not exist. The Program Endorsement is intended to improve a teacher’s skills in dealing with complex classroom settings.

These endorsements are added to existing Level I or Level II Certificates but are not required to perform service in these areas.