How to Create an Account for IRBManager


NOTE: If you already have an account and are unable to login, please do not create a new account. Instead, go to the IRBManager login page and click on ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your email address to receive a new password. If you are still unable to login, please send an email to to receive help.

How to Create an IRBManager Login

1) Go to

2) Enter Username: newuser

3) Enter Password: newuser

4) Enter Client: Bloomsburg

5) Enter Principal Investigator or Coordinator

HELP: If you are a principal investigator, choose investigator

If you are a coordinator who will be submitting for an investigator, choose coordinator.

If you are a student use the coordinator role for submission.


1. If you are a student you may not serve as a Principal Investigator at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

2. If you are a student conducting research or a faculty member conducting research, you must complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training before you complete your online submission. You must complete the Human Subjects Research Module in the appropriate area (Biomedical, Social and Behavioral, Social, Behavioral, and Educational). It is also recommended that you complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Module (if this research is grant funded, you must complete the RCR Module). CITI Training can be found at

NOTE – The Principal Investigator will need to register him/herself using this same process before you submit the IRB Application Form.

6) Please answer all pertinent questions.

NOTE- When you are asked for a username, you should use your BU email address ( Otherwise, it may not be accepted into IRBManager.

To Submit an IRB Proposal

1) When asked for a username, use the email address from your login process.

2) Once you’ve logged into the homepage, click on your Settings in the upper right. Once in that section, enter your address and phone number information.

NOTE – If this information is not completed, your submission will not be reviewed until it is finished.

3) After you’ve completed your settings, to submit a new proposal, please click on the ‘IRB Application Form’ link in the upper left under “Actions.” This will take you directly into the form to start answering questions.

4) If you’d like to see what the IRB Application Form looks like, including all questions, and potential values for dropdown type questions, click ‘Start xForm’ under actions in the upper left. Click on the printer icon next to the Submission Form. This will give you a view of a form that you can print.

5) When you’re ready to start entering information, choose the blue link for the ‘IRB Application Form.’

6) Enter your study information.

7) Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, BUIRB personnel will begin the review process.

BU-IRB Contact Information

All IRB recruitment materials must include the IRB number.

All IRB proposals consent forms and recruitment materials must include the below information along with the BU-IRB Chair contact information should potential participants desire to do so.

IRB number
Bloomsburg University of PA
Contact information of the BU-IRB Chair:  570-389-4322