International Students

Campus Profile

As the university on the hill, Bloomsburg University overlooks the Town of Bloomsburg and situated a few hundred yards from the community's business district with Bloomsburg Hospital across the street from a cluster of residence halls.

  • Lower campus is home to seven residence halls, a student services center, campus dining, instructional buildings, library and recreational and social facilities.
  • Upper campus, about half-mile away, is connected by continuous shuttle service and features athletic facilities, three university-owned student apartment complexes, a dining and conference facility, and several maintenance buildings.
  • Upper campus is also home to Huskies athletics, surrounded by the Nelson Field House, Danny Hale Field at Redman Stadium and fields for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey, baseball and softball and a new tennis center.

Located in Columbia County, about a mile south of Interstate 80

Programs of study include sciences, education, liberal arts, and business

Campus features 54 buildings across 366 acres

Ready to apply?

Undergraduate Student

A high school grad entering college for the first time

Transfer Student

Having taken at least 12 credits at another institution since graduating high school.

Graduate Student

Already holding a bachelor's degree and wanting to pursue advanced study.

Tuition Waiver

A tuition waiver application is available for qualifying students.

Now that You’ve been admitted … let's get started

Immigration Information

  • Every semester students must register and provide immigration documents to the Office of Global and Multicultural Education within first week of the semester
  • Undergraduate students are required to carry a minimum 12 credits
  • Graduate students are required to carry a minimum 9 credits
  • Students are permitted to work only on campus with approval from the Office of Global and Multicultural Office
  • Work-Study Applications and Positions
  • If you leave the United States during a university break, your I-20/DS-2019 must be endorsed from the Office of Global and Multicultural Education at least a week BEFORE you leave the United States.

DHS/USCIS Regulation: You must report any changes to your personal information within 10 days to the Office of Global and Multicultural Education or you will be considered "out of status."