Degree Completion in Interdisciplinary Studies

Degree Completion in Interdisciplinary Studies


Director of Interdisciplinary Studies - Dr. Mark Decker

Interdisciplinary Tracks
How to Apply

Bloomsburg University’s interdisciplinary studies program allows you to complete your degree in an area of study with a curriculum you, the student, create in close consultation with your faculty advisor. You and your faculty advisor collaborate to design and implement the program of study that best meets your personal, career goals and needs.

This degree completion program is ideal for the student with many academic interests that do not fit into a single major, transfer students with a varied academic background who wish to pull their academic experiences into a unified academic program, and students who are entrepreneurial, “think out of the box” and want to take full advantage of the unique nature of the program to create a meaningful program of study.

BU’s interdisciplinary studies program provides the student with the academic and personal skills top employers in the U.S. are looking for:

  • critical thinking
  • analysis and research skills
  • decision and problem solving skills
  • communication skills (listening, verbal and written)
  • skills to work successfully in teams with co‐workers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds
  • and a commitment to lifelong learning

Combined with the program’s internship/Capstone option (where students engage in real work activities in a real work setting) students who graduate from the interdisciplinary studies program are uniquely situated to fill the employment demands of the 21st Century global economy.

Areas of Academic Focus

On‐Campus Option: For students planning to complete their degree in interdisciplinary studies on campus the student may use any two BU major areas as their academic focus areas in fulfilling the requirements of the major. Students would design in collaboration with their faculty advisor a program of study using any of BU majors that meet their needs.

Off‐Campus Option: For students planning to complete their degree in interdisciplinary studies at one of BU’s convenient off‐campus locations the areas of academic focus are limited and based on the available majors and courses offered at each location. Students interested in degree completion in Interdisciplinary Studies at one of BU's off-campus locations should speak with an Interdisciplinary Studies faculty advisor to determine the available areas of academic focus for the location of interest.