Husky TV - Frequently Asked Questions

Husky TV - Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which digital television service is delivered using the architecture and networking methods of a network infrastructure, e.g., the Internet and the campus Intranet, instead of being delivered through traditional radio frequency broadcast, satellite signal, and cable television (CATV) formats.

How Does it Work?

RFTV signals from SECV (the local cable television provider) are captured digitally in McCormick where the main feed enters campus. These digital signals are made available to any computer ON campus connected to the existing network.

The client (computer or converter box) will display a grid based program menu similar to digital cable channel guides including all available channels and program listings for up to 2 weeks. The user selects the desired channel or program to view from the guide. The video can be viewed in a window of any size on the desktop, made to stay on top of other applications (i.e. Word, Outlook, etc.), or viewed full screen on any display including classroom projectors.

The viewer application is launched from a web browser and functions on all operating systems natively.

Click here for a System Diagram

What If I Want To Watch IPTV On A Television?

There are very few traditional TVs on campus. Nearly every room has a computer connected to the network. If viewing on an existing traditional television is desired, a converter box may be purchased for $500. This cost is considerably less than the cost of repairing or installing an RF TV line to the location.

When Will The System Be Implemented?

The main system was installed in June 2011. Viewing on computers across campus is available now. Display panels and converter boxes will be installed as desired.

Will I Be Able To Use This System Off Campus?

No. Our agreement with SECV and FCC regulations restrict use of our cable feed to on campus facilities. The video streams will only be available within the campus network. This includes all academic buildings, administrative buildings, library, rec center, Kehr Union, residence halls, and the 'bloomu' wireless network. ONLY the BUTV channel will be available across the internet to off campus users.

What Channels are available?

Our current agreement with SECV includes ONLY channels in the Local Advantage and Classic Cable packages (2-102). If a Digital Variety or Premium channel is desired, an additonal monthly fee may be charged by SECV.

The initial system will include 14 broadcast channels plus the BUTV channel. In the future, as demand increases, the system is easily expandable.

The current channel listing is:

Syndicated and Bloomsburg Original programming on BUTV

Local TV Channels in HD:

Local and National TV Channels: