Retirement and Savings Plan Information

Retirement and Savings Plan Information

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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Summaries

Enrollment in the retirement program is required effective the first day of employment for all permanent full-time and part-time employees. Temporary employees must enroll in the retirement program once they have worked 750 hours or are expected to work 750 hours in a calendar year.

Employees have 30 days from the first date of eligibility to select enrollment in either the Defined Benefit Plan or the Defined Contribution Plan. Failure to select a plan within 30 days will result in automatic enrollment in SERS, the Defined Benefit Plan for Pennsylvania public employees.

Prospective Retirement Information

  • Retirement Planning Presentation -- Viewing Instructions, if needed
  • Prospective Retirement
  • Retirement Guide
  • Retirement Checklist
  • State Retirement Programs

    The two state retirement programs offered to PASSHE employees (SERS and PSERS) are similar in that they determine the retirement benefit based on a fixed formula that considers years of service, age and final average salary. The benefit amount is guaranteed and not affected by the investment earnings of the plan. Employees are 100% vested in state retirement plan after five years of service (10 years if employment began after Jan. 1, 2011).

    Alternative Retirement Plan

    The Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) works very differently in the way it calculate retirement income. Employee and employer contributions are paid to the employee's retirement account, and employees make investment decisions about their own account. The benefit is determined by the account balance, which is made up of all contributions plus any investment earnings. Employees may invest their ARP contributions with Fidelity Investments, TIAA-CREF or VALIC. ARP Enrollment Form | ARP Allocation Change Form

    Emeritus E-Mail Privilege

    Individuals who have been granted emeritus status, or anticipate being granted emeritus status, may request the privilege of maintaining a university email account. The granting of the email privilege is based upon emeritus status, and the individual providing voluntary services to the university.

    Separated individuals who have already been granted emeritus and are requesting an email account should complete the Emeritus Request for email form.

    Current faculty/staff anticipating retirement should complete the email Account Request for Employees Anticipating Emeritus Status.

    These forms should be submitted to Wayne Mohr for appropriate routing and approvals.